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Cross An Item Off Your Bucket List and Book Cairns Private Tours in Queensland, Australia Today!

Cairns, just south of Cape York, is a place most people in the world hope to one-day visit. Why? This area of Queensland, Australia boasts gorgeous, untouched wilderness, including rainforests, beaches, lagoons, and more. Cairns also is known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, with a gorgeous, tropical climate and ...read more .

Cape Tribulation Private Tours in Cairns, Queensland, Port Douglas, and Australia

Cape Tribulation is a headland in Queensland on one of Australia’s most beautiful coasts. It lies within the Daintree National Park in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The coast is one of the most interesting natural beauties on the continent since it is part of the diverse landscape and ecosystem of Australia’s largest continuous rainforest. If you come to ...read more .

Looking for High-Quality Cape York Tours from Cairns or Port Douglas, Queensland? Book with Discovery Tours for Exclusive Touring in Australia

Cape York is a popular place in Queensland, Australia to visit because it is one of the last remaining unspoiled wildernesses left on the planet. Located in the northernmost peninsula of Australia, Cape York often tops many people’s bucket lists due to its vast amount of attractions and once in a ...read more .

Discovery Tours Australia has the Best Cooktown Tours from Cairns, and Port Douglas, Queensland

From the historical point where Captain James Cook first landed the HMS Endeavour on Australian shores to the one-of-a-kind Black Mountain, and from the turquoise waters of Archer Bay to the trees, rivers and wildlife of Daintree National Park, your 4WD adventure with Discovery Tours will provide you with memories that will last a ...read more .

Daintree Rainforest Private Tours in Cairns, Queensland, Port Douglas, and Australia

Australia’s Daintree Rainforest is Australia’s largest area of continuous tropical rainforest, spanning to right along the coast. It is filled with many natural beauties, from diverse flora to waterfalls and streams. It’s a breathtaking area of the continent, located on the coast of Queensland, right above Cairns. If you’re planning a trip to ...read more .

Outback Private Tours from Cairns and Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia

Many people visit Australia to see the wonders of the outback. One of the best ways to do so is by taking a small, private 4WD tour from a trusted tour company suck as Discovery Tours Australia. We are a locally owned and operated service in Cairns with over twenty years of experience leading tours through the outback. Our tours range from the length of an afternoon to the span of eight days, and all of them are all inclusive. Our drivers are ...read more .

Rainforest Private Tours in Cairns, Queensland, North Queensland, and throughout Australia

Have you always dreamed of visiting Australia but don’t want to deal with the crowds in a major city? Luckily, Australia is a broad and diverse continent overflowing with natural beauty and incredible landscapes, so there are many incredible and unusual natural environments to enjoy, away from the ...read more .

Waterfall Private Tours in Cairns, Queensland, North Queensland, and Throughout Australia

Australia is a large continent that possesses many interesting landscapes and natural beauties. That being so, it is the perfect place for those who love to travel and adventure without having to bother with crowded cities and tourist traps. There are plenty of breathtaking lesser-known spots to enjoy that haven’t been explored by many others, if you know how to get to them. One of the best ways is through waterfall private tours in Cairns, Queensland, North Queensland, and ...read more .

Get Out of the Big Cities in Queensland or the Rest of Australia! Find Cape Tribulation Tours in Cairns and Port Douglas!

Whether you live in Australia as a permanent resident or you are a tourist experiencing a shrot stint in a foreign land, it is important to get out and see the natural beauty of this great nation. As wonderful as our urban epicenters ...read more .

Experience an Intimate, Personal Vacation in Queensland, Australia with a Cape York Private Tour in Cairns, Near Port Douglas!

Cape York offers one of the largest stretches of land featuring untouched wildlife in the world. For miles and miles cattle graze freely in the midst of wooded savannahs, tropical rainforests, and host of other intriguing natural ...read more .

See the Highlights of Queensland, Australia with Cooktown Private Tours in Cairns or Port Douglas!

Are you in need of seeing some nature after spending too many long nights pulling overtime in the office? Have you been dying to see the Daintree Rainforest but have not yet had the chance? Is your least favorite part about ...read more .

Experience the Waterfalls of Queensland, Australia with Waterfall Tours in Cairns and Port Douglas

Amidst the rainforests, woodlands, and savannahs of northern Queensland are nestled a series of waterfalls that are amongst the most beautiful sights in the natural world of Australia. If you have never had the opportunity to experience ...read more .

Experience the Incredible Rainforest of Australia in North Queensland! Discover Tours Offers Exclusive Trips From Cairns

When you are travelling across Australia, you'll want to make the best memories possible in whatever amount of time you have to spend. That means seeing major sights, seizing opportunities for unique experiences, and learning ...read more .

See the Best of Queensland with Discovery Tours Australia! Explore the Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas, and Cairns

Have you and your mates spent years talking and planning a big holiday? Have you finally found the time and opportunity to make those plans a reality? When you get the chance to make travel dreams come true, don't let large groups of ...read more .

Enjoy Spectacular Scenery with Our Half Day Rainforest Tours in Cairns

Australia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction - largely because there are so many things to see in this vast country. Most people visit the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, and though they are fantastic places to visit, there ...read more .

We Offer Maximum Exclusivity with Our Private Tours around Cairns

We all need to take a holiday from time to time because we’re required to work so hard just to pay the bills and put a roof over our head. You may be lucky enough to have a job you enjoy, but you still need to unwind to make the most of your life. If ...read more .

Make the Most of a Trip to Cairns with Our Small Group Daintree Tours

Travelling is a way to learn new things, experience different cultures and see some of the marvellous sights the world has to offer. Sometimes, it’s nice to take the family away from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolises such as Melbourne and ...read more .

Our Small Group Tours to Cape York will Give You Memories to Cherish Forever

Though every one of us loves the opportunity to go on holiday, it can be hard to make the most of a trip to an unfamiliar place. Of course, the internet has made famous hotspots much easier to find, but you need to pack as much as possible into your ...read more .

What You Can Expect from our Accommodated Cape York Tours

Cairns is the fourth-most visited city in Australia amongst international tourists and is becoming an increasingly popular hotspot for domestic travellers. Though Cairns is a large city, it still provides many people with a much-needed break from ...read more .

Travel Like a VIP with Personalised Cairns Tours

Do you like to go off the beaten path? Do you long to travel to destinations that other tourists have not seen? If you’re one of those travellers who want to have exclusive access to rarely seen destinations and go to places the locals go, book ...read more .

Experience Rich History, Adventure and Scenic Views with Private Tours to Cooktown

Rich history awaits with guided private tours to Cooktown from Discovery Tours Australia. Come and see where Captain James Cook repaired the HM Bark Endeavour for nearly seven weeks. Guided by your private tour guide, you can learn about the ...read more .

Enjoy Personalised Bird Watching Tours from Cairns with Discovery Tours Australia

Are you a bird watching enthusiast? Could you watch birds for hours? Do you love the colours of the Rainbow Lorikeets and the Australian Ringneck Parrots? If you can spot a Crimson Rosella from a mile away, then our bird watching tours from Cairns are ...read more .

Looking for The Perfect Rainforest Tour for Your Conference Group from Cairns?

Have you been looking for a quality rainforest tour for your conference group from Cairns? We offer the ideal rainforest experience for your group with friendly personalised service. You can experience all the sights, sounds and highlights ...read more .

Get the Ultimate Savannah Way Experience with Our Cairns to Darwin Small Group Tour

Enjoy eight amazing days on this top-notch tour for explorers with our Cairns to Darwin small group tour. In a group no larger than six people, see all the Australian outback has to offer. This comprehensive package from Discovery Australia Tours ...read more .

For the Best Darwin to Cairns Small Group Tours, Check Out Discovery Tours

Are you looking to explore the Australian wilderness to experience the true beauty of the wild outdoors? There’s so much to witness and behold in the untouched areas of Australia, from rainforests and waters to the rugged outback that makes Australia ...read more .

Schedule a Savannah Way Small Group Tour to See the Very Best of the Australian Outback with Discovery Tours

There’s something breathtaking about seeing the beauty within Australia’s most untouched regions up close. This stunning country has so many natural wonders to explore and uncover, and should be experienced by every native Australian at least once ...read more .

Experience Darwin to Cairns Small Group Tour with Discovery Tours

Do you want to experience private Cairns Tablelands Tours from the best touring company in the Cairns region? Anyone who has ever experienced the wonder of the Australian wilderness firsthand can tell you that it’s a completely unforgettable ...read more .

Small group Private Paronella Park Tour Available with Discovery Tours

Looking for your next adventure? Experience some of Australia’s most incredible Scenery with Discovery Tours. Do you love exploring the wilderness of Australia? Have you been itching to see some of the country’s most gorgeous sights up close for ...read more .

Customised Tours Provide Unforgettable Experiences of Cairns

Do you want to plan your own unique tour in Queensland, Australia? Scenic tours have a lot of appeal, but not every tour delivers the unforgettable experience you are craving. Many tour companies provide excellent services, but they mostly offer ...read more .

Where to Find Exciting Private Charters Throughout Cooktown and Beyond

When you’ve been in the same trade for decades, you pick up every tip and trick that helps you serve your clients better; with time, you simply perfect your craft. That is precisely what we’ve done at ... read more

Private Charters to Paronella Park Tailored to You

When you remain dedicated to customer satisfaction for over thirty years, you notice that not everyone takes the same memories away from their experiences—every successful tour experience is different because every person is different. At ... read more

Enjoy Cooktown and its surrounds with a Private Charter

Our Cooktown tour is a three-day affair, starting at $1550 for an adult twin share. For children ages 4 through 14 there is an option for a private package. Private Charters to Atherton Tablelands include accommodation for sleeping ... read more

Dreamy Private Charters Take you to The Daintree & Cape Tribulation

Many people dream about travelling the world. Part of those dreams may be seeing Australia. In the Land Down Under, they have exotic creatures that cannot be found anywhere else. If you were lucky enough to visit, though, what would you ... read more