Guest Reviews

We take great pride in taking care of our guests, below you will find some comments from those who have travelled with us.
All the below guest reviews are from , emails and from our social media platforms, who travel with us on our various tours.


Cape York Tour
We did the 8 day drive/fly option with wonderful Mick as our driver and had a very entertaining and enjoyable trip. Mick had a great sense of humour, was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in all respects and also a great driver through all that rough terrain. Loved the river crossings and the rough roads- we had 6 passengers so it was a full car, but it was comfortable and quite adequate and a lot of fun. The accommodation and food was good and we had ensuites in all places except for Loyalty Beach. We learnt a lot about the history of early Australia and about the native vegetation, travelling through beautiful and varied outback scenery. Loved staying at the Stations, particularly Bramwell Station, and also travelling through the Lakefield National Park and swimming under waterfalls. Although we were all there to reach the tip, the excitement of the journey was as much a highlight and it was all topped off by the visit to the Torres Strait islands. Couldn't recommend it more highly. A sensational trip to remember.
Helen & Gerry
July 2017


Thank you Daryl for a wonderful tour yesterday (Wednesday 8 February 2017). Many thanks for an extraordinary experience. Sincerely, Pamela

Dec 2016
Last week I joined Full Day Daintree tour led by Steve. It was such a great experience! I especially wanted to thank Steve for making the day such a memorable event. His knowledge of the area is extraordinary and being a teacher I learnt so much! Steve shared so many memorable stories about the history of the area as well as its flora an fauna. I found his dedication and enthusiasm impressive. Thank you for making my day such a relaxing and educational experience. Merry Christmas. Annette

 Don't miss the Daintree Rainforest Tour!
Recommended and booked by a local agent, our live-aboard dive boat, it was a highlight of our trip to Australia. The small van, and Steve, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, made for a fun, memorable, interesting and instructive day that included hiking, swimming and lots of great scenery. The food was unexpectedly excellent. Who knew that the Daintree Rainforest was the oldest in the world, MILLIONS of years older than the Amazon?


The experience in this half day rainforest tour was awesome. I did not expect so much fun before the trip as my partner and I were not quite interested in things like bush walking or seeing trees and flowers. HOWEVER, our guild Steve opened a totally new world to us during the tour and showed us how interesting the nature world can be with his professional but not boring introduction. The trip is absolutely awesome with well planed schedule. Also we have exclusive access to some lookout which no other tour group can have so we did NOT see hundreds of other tourists during our trip. I will recommend all of my friend to book this trip when I go back home.

1st November

We are not big fans of bus tours, but are SO glad we booked this trip! We spent a month in Australia on our honeymoon and this was most definitely one of the best days we had! As soon as we met Carsten, we could tell the day was going to be brilliant. Not only was he friendly and entertaining but his knowledge just blew us away! We learnt so much about all the places visited, which you just wouldn't get if you did it yourself! It really made us realise the benefits of having a tour guide! I also told him I had an interest in spiders and he pointed out a Golden Orb, Huntsman and Lichen spider, which I really appreciated. It was a jam packed day taking in Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree Rainforest, a Crocodile River Cruise, Cape Tribulation Beach and lots of other lookouts en route, but it did not feel rushed. The transport was also very comfortable and there was lots of space as only 9 of us on the tour. We saw so much wildlife, including Kangaroos, Boyd's forest dragon, water dragon, Brush Turkey, Saltwater crocs and the Peppermint stick insect. Thankyou for a great day :-) we would throughly recommend you to anyone visiting Cairns.  

"Excellent private rainforest tour for people who can only spent half a day"

Joachim 31st October

Very good and informative tour by a family-run enterprise. Very knowledgeable driver and guide. We learned much more about the flora and fauna of the oldest rainforest on earth than we would have done, if we had tried to do it with a rented car by our own (let alone that the company has a concession and the necessary keys to unlock the gates, to use some dirt roads through the forest). The tour passes also by the famous Barron Falls, but in October all waterfalls in this region carry only small volumes of water - so don't be disappointed. The rainforest is much more impressive than the falls! If you have limited time in Cairns this tour is a very good alternative to a trip into Daintree forest (which requires at least a full day and has -besides crocodiles at the Daintree River- little more to offer). Very good and informative tour by a family-run enterprise. Very knowledgeable driver and guide. We learned much more about the flora and fauna of the oldest rainforest on earth than we would have done, if we had tried to do it with a rented car by our own (let alone that the company has a concession and the necessary keys to unlock the gates, to use some dirt roads through the forest). The tour passes also by the famous Barron Falls, but in October all waterfalls in this region carry only small volumes of water - so don't be disappointed. The rainforest is much more impressive than the falls! If you have limited time in Cairns this tour is a very good alternative to a trip into Daintree forest (which requires at least a full day and has -besides crocodiles at the Daintree River- little more to offer).

Great way to spend afternoon
Sung 13th October

If you want to learn about the place you are visiting, take a guided tour with a knowledgeable person who has lived in teh area for decades. Our Guide Steve provided interesting facts mixed with spectacular views through areas we would not have otherwise seen. 

"Incredible "
Amber 26th Sept

We were very hesitant booking this trip, not being massive fans of bus tours, but we are so glad we did! Our guide Steve was incredible! He was entertaining and extremely knowledgeable providing us with alot of facts that we otherwise would have missed out on. We had a whole lot fitted into our day and at no point did it feel rushed. Would highly recommend this tour. Thanks Steve!

.One of the best day trip experienced "
Shaun 24th Sept

Excellent day out with very knowledgeable to a guide took us to places that the bigger companies don't normally visit. Transport is very comfortable and caters for up to 12 people but we had a very small group five people. The tour managed to take in quite a lot of experiences in a day including the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation beach, and a trip up the Daintree River to spot crocodiles. Lunch and ice cream stops were well selected and overall the tour is definitely worth the money and highly recommended

Awesome Tour

Shannon R 23rd Sept

My husband and I booked the 5 hour tour and we're extremely impressed! Our tour guide Carsten was awesome, he was entertaining and took his time to explain things to us and show us a range of things. We had a really awesome time! Thank you

Rainforest and Waterfall 1/2 Day Tour
John S 22nd Sept

My wife and I were visiting Cairns from the US and had a fabulous afternoon. It was more than a tour but a guided experience in the Rain forest. We had Steve as our guide and he was not only extremely knowledgable and thorough but was kind and so aware of the environment and an excellent driver especially when we were off road. Unforgettable and awesome.  

1/2 Day 4WD Adventure

Erika 7th Sept

We absolutely enjoyed this half day tour. George, our guide was very nice, informative and entertaining. He knows what he is talking about. We did not expect to see so much Rainforest so close to Cairns (on a half day tour). Our highlight is definitely the dirt road and the river crossings, very often we had to cross rivers with different level of water running through. Just great! The Clohesy Fig Tree is is amazing, so unusual and unique. Good fun for everyone.

"Small group tour and you see so much"

Cate 2nd Sept

We stayed in Palm Cove and the accommodation recommended this tour as its small and more personal. Jean (male) picked us up at our villa at 8 am and we were only 10 for this Full Day Daintree tour. Jean was very friendly and full of information about the area and the local flora and fauna. At Mossman Gorge he went to some trouble to find a leaf tailed gecko (very rare sighting) and advised on particular spots to stand for good photos. Lunch was good as we all went with Jean's recommendation of the Barra and were told about the unusual tropical fruits as well. The Daintree River cruise was great as we saw Scarface, the large male crocodile as well as Lizzie and a juvenile and a baby! The guide on the boat was very passionate about the environment and the crocodiles and it was a very enjoyable trip. I was amazed how we fitted it all in! Finished off with a Daintree flavoured ice cream on the way back which Jean paid for as I had spotted the elusive cassowary we had been looking for all day! In all a great day and delivered back to our villa at 6.30.

 "Full-day Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation"

Hora 3rd Sept

Awesome Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation. The guide was very friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. The full-day tour was well-organised and delivered what was promised. Thank you, Steve & Discovery Tours Australia, for making my first experience of rainforest unforgettable! We saw crocodiles (kids and mums), frogs, some birds, wallabies, eagles.  

"Highly recommend small group tour Cape Tribulation & Daintree"

Sharon and Barry
19th August

Thoroughly enjoyed my day. I was picked up from my hotel in Port Douglas. First stop was Mosman Gorge where we started with a morning tea of damper and billy tea. Mosman Gorge was magical. Our driver Steve was friendly, knowledgeable and looked after us, thank you Steve! At lunch I got to sample some interesting tropical fruits. We had a cruise on the Daintree River and managed to spot a 3m crocodile sunning itself on the riverbank. The highlight of the trip was Cape Tribulation, it is just an amazing place. 

"This tour convinced me of the benefits of having a guide!"

Frankie 17th August 

I'm a Cairns local and had always visited the Daintree/Cape Trib as a self driver. Tours are a lot more expensive than self driving if there's a few of you so when friends and family visited we simply hopped in our car. But after spending the day with our tour guide Steve I saw the error of my ways! There was so much that I'd missed (and would have continued to miss) in my previous visits and it was only after my tour that I truly appreciated the history of the Daintree rainforest and it's biological diversity. Plus with such small group numbers you're not being herded around and you can really chat to your guide and ask questions. Thanks for a great day!

Fantastic Tour to the Daintree Rainforest

Nirrid 14th August 2016 

Full day. Great narrative from our guide Carsten. Extremely well organized with stops for food and other necessities. Great breakfast! Loved the scones. Fantastic lunch with a lecture about all sorts of fruit. Mossman Gorge, Daintree River Cruise (with a couple of big crocs and two smaller ones, and at least 3 different kind of King Fishers) and Cape Tribulation! Flora and fauna as well as geology and culture explained. The only thing we didn't see was the Cassowary, I guess I'll just have to come back:)

Half Day Rainforest and Waterfalls 4wd Adventure

Lemax34 13th August 2016

We really enjoyed getting away from the usual tourist traps and into the rainforest with our guide Steve who drove a comfortable Landrover stopping frequently to show us lookouts and stunning locations not so far from Cairns. We learnt a lot about the ancient rainforest and its flora and fauna. The dam we stopped at was beautiful and we enjoyed the butterflies and a Hercules moth in the vegetation around the dam. So great to travel on the back roads through crystal clear creeks on the way out and look at the Clohesy River Fig Tree whilst having morning tea. This was an inspiring tour and made us really appreciate this wonderful and precious rainforest.

3 Day 4 x 4 tour to Cooktown and Daintree

Jennie 10th August 2016

Brilliant itinerary travelling over some off road tracks into the rainforest. An excellent driver/guide who made our tour so enjoyable with his enthusiasm for wild places. So many opportunities for photos and rest breaks. Very comfortable vehicle and well appointed hotels for our overnight stays. A beautiful little museum in Cooktown, featuring Captain Cooks stay in the area. The Mossman Cultural Centre, outstanding, lovely to see young people being given the opportunities to develop their skills. We thoroughly enjoyed the rainforest walk with our Aboriginal guide Tom. The included boat trip on the Daintree River to see the Estuarine Crocodiles was thrilling.

Highly Recommended Daintree Day Tour

6th August 2016

I booked a full day Discovery Tour to see Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge, Daintree rainforest and river. It was a long day, with pickup from the hotel at 7.00am and returning about twelve hours later. Tiring but well worth the effort and we saw much that wouldn't be possible in a day travelling separately. The driver and guide was Steve and he was just terrific. Enthusiastic, knowledgable and friendly until the end of the day when we were all starting to flag ! Even after twelve hours of driving and guiding, he remained alert, helpful and good humoured, providing some fascinating historical insights into the parts we visited during the day. We stopped at several worthwhile lookouts en route, including one overlooking Port Douglas. There were about fourteen people in our group, mostly older except for a young Spanish couple in Australia for a month. HIghlights were the Mossman Gorge walk, including a morning tea or coffee with damper, jam and cream at the visitors centre, a fantastic (also included) lunch of barramundi, kangaroo steak or other options with a side serve of local fruits, about which the chef/owner described them in great detail to our group. We were taken in a small, quiet boat alongside various crocodiles in the river, each of which our guide knew by name. The road to Cape Tribulation was long and windy and one of my travelling companions felt that this made the tour a bit too long and that we could have returned home after the crocodile cruise as it probably added two hours or so. On this occasion there was quite a bit of traffic so I'd be concerned taking this trip in school holidays. The final destination was an ice cream farm where we tasted delicious samples of the fruity flavours grown on site. A fitting way to end a fascinating and well worthwhile day tour. Highly recommended.  

Highly Recommend the 1/2 Day 4 x 4 tour

July 2016

We just finished our half day tour with our guide, Carsten. The tour group traveled in a very nice 4x4 Landrover, but I understand they may use several different vehicles depending upon group size and what type of tour you select. Our guide was incredibly knowledgable and tried very hard to ensure everyone had a great trip. The service was the best I have ever seen on a small group tour. This was the highlight of our trip, surpassing the reef trip we made a day prior. It is a must-do excursion if you visit Cairns.

 Jam packed north QLD adventure

July 2016

I can't compliment this tour and tour company enough. We had such a great time inspite of the day starting with torrential rain. Our guide, John, was amazing - funny, knowledgeable and treated you like a valued customer, not a number or a backpacker to be herded like other tour companies seemed to do.
The tour included a quick look at Port Douglas (no more or less than necessary) then morning tea at Mossman Gorge - civilised tea/coffee and damper scones with local honey and jam whilst listening to the dulcet tones of other tour guides herding people into lines. We then did a walk in Mossman Gorge to the suspension bridge, swimming not available today because funnily enough John didn't want us to die in the torrential downpour. If the rain bothered John he didn't let on he was still commited to us hearing all about the area and provided ponchos for those unprepared for the elements.
Lunch was set in an outdoor area amongst the jungle and included a presentation and tasting of tropical fruits grown in the area - interesting angry tasty.
We were lucky enough to see 4 crocodiles on our cruise down the Daintree river including the alpha male and female of the local area. Even without seeing crocs the cruise was still very interesting and a great viewpoint of the rainforest meeting waters edge. Added bonus was seeing a croc swimming in the river on our crossing back home too.
John then took us on a guided walk through the Daintree where his knowledge and passion for the rainforest really shone. It's hard not to get excited about a 1000 year old tree the way he introduced it.
Someone must have pulled some strings with mother nature because out came the sun for a glorious end to our tour at Cape Tribulation beach absolutely stunning.
Don't skip ice cream on the way home the flavours are to die for (my tip is Passionfruit and Ginger). There was still time for one major highlight on the way home - we were lucky enough to see a male Cassowary and his chick!!!
It was by far the best of all 3 tours with different companies that we did in Cairns due to the fabulous service and great facilities (bus, lunch etc).
My tips
-bring change of clothes and raincoat if it's a rainy day
-snacks for way home as it's a long day and no real opportunities for snacks beyond ice cream post lunch
-do yourself a favour and choose a unique flavoured ice cream as you won't get the opportunity anywhere in cairns



13th July

The customer service for this tour was awesome! I have forgotten his name but he is a German guy and he was really great, educated, informative and fun! He really made the trip special for my partner and I! The sites we saw and our lunch was incredible! The food was of restaurant quality (I have now gone and bought the ingredients of the meal they served, aiming to replicate the amazing dish) and the ice-cream stop on the way home was incredible! Could not rate this higher!!! Thank you so much!
Melissa W

Discovery Tours Australia Fantastic Day

8th July 2016

Myself,sister and 2 brothers had a great day with a small group Discovery Tours Australia .Our driver and guide for the very full day ,Steve was very knowledgable ,funny and caring.He explained everything on the day .I would highly recommend this tour with Discovery Tours Australia .There was only 8 people plus Steve.It was fantastic.

6th July 2016

My wife and I did the Cape tribulation Daintree forest including Mossman gorge today with our tour guide Darryl. This guy is so knowledgable about the area, ecology and indigenous people, he is a true asset to this company. He made for a very enjoyable day for our small tour group. Thanks.  

Awesome Full Day Tour

July 2016

Was a great way to spend the day sight Seeing with out the hassle of doing it yourself. All sights we great with morning tea and lunch included too. If you want to see the best of tropical fnq this is the tour to do. Out guide Carsten although German was very knowledgeable and the group was no more than 12 people which made it intimate. 

Very Fun and Enjoyable Experience

June 2016

Amazing experience. Had only three on our tour, so very personal experience, and saw everything I wanted to! The morning tea was fantastic; ordered for us before arriving so waiting for us. It felt kind of fancy, and the lunch really was fancy! Highly recommend!  

Fantastic Day Out

June 2016

What an amazing day out out tour guide jens was a blast and the people you meet on the bus trip were fantastic as well (great bunch) and the best part was the landrover ride to the falls and the swim wow hes very good at is job  

A Tour Well worth the Time

May 2016

My husband and I, plus one other couple, had an incredible tour with John, our tour guide in May 2016. We thoroughly enjoyed the smallness of our group and were able to have some excellent "chat" time with John and the other couple.  We were also very glad that John was driving, so that we could relax and enjoy the scenery, especially as we covered a lot of territory. From a morning tea, to a fabulour lunch of barramundi and exotic fruits (set in the midst of lush, green tropical foliage), to an ice cream treat as we drove back to Cairns, our day was full of fun. Mossman Gorge was beautiful (although we chose not to swim), Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest was beautiful , as was the beach, and the riverboat ride on the river was unforgettable as we saw 2 crocodiles fighting (thankfully, at a proper distance from us!). We certainly covered a lot of country in one day and were glad to get back to our hotel, but we both felt that John had given us an unforgettable memory of the area.

Big Day Out

June 2016

We took part in the full day tour on 15th June to Cape Tribulation , Mossman Gorge , Daintree Rainforest , Port Douglas. We were picked up right on time at 7am at Pullman Reef Casino by Carsten our driver and guide for the day. We made some more pickups and then headed north. Carsten was full of commentary and gladly answered any questions. During the day we stopped at many places which all had toilet facilities if required so comfort was not an issue. The morning tea at Mossman Gorge cafe was scones , jam and cream with tea coffee or soft drinks included in the tour price. Lunch was at Daintree Tea House , which is run by Peter and Richard. We were offered a range of meals to choose from which were pre ordered on route. The Tea House is in an amazing location and the meal was plentiful. A demonstration of the local exotic fruits was made by Richard , with samples on all our plates. We had a crocodile spotting cruise on the Solar Whisper where we spotter a female crocodile and some 8 week olds nearby. After travelling to Cape Tribulation we crossed the Daintree river on the car ferry and headed south. It was great day , which I highly recommend to all travellers. Taking this tour with Carsten takes you to places hard to find on your own with interesting tips and info along the way. It is a long day but very worthwhile. The vehicle was a VW bus which holds about 13 passengers only, so much better than the big coach loads we saw everywhere 

Discovery the Daintree Region with Discovery

 3rd June

If you want a tour that includes many different facets of the Daintree Rainforest Region in one day, then choose a day trip with Discovery Tours Australia. There is much to see and do in the region it can be hard for visitors to know where to start and how to get there. Heading out on a guided tour is the obvious choice in this situation. Steve, our guide, was informative and funny and knows all the tips and tricks and best spots to visit. After our hotel pick ups in a fancy little Volks Wagon (small group tour) we made our way up stunning coastline towards Port Douglas via picturesque Palm Cove. Our first stop was a photo opportunity at Flagstaff Hill. Mossman Gorge, home of the Kuku Yalanji people, was our main stop in the morning where we were first treated to home made Wattleseed Damper for morning tea. A very nice inclusion since I missed my breakfast! With fuel in our bellies we went on a guided rainforest walk with Steve learning all about the ferns, palms, cycads, epiphytes and more. Mossman Gorge is the closest part of the famous World Heritage Listed UNESCO rainforest to Cairns and Port Douglas. It is also the most accessible with a raised boardwalk (for easy walking) making it a very popular stop for those on tours or self driving. I would try to avoid it at peak periods like school holidays so you have the most enjoyable experience and can take your time to absorb your surroundings without crowds, just a tip! It was an early lunch for us at the Daintree Tea House before our crocodile cruise on the Daintree River. You have a few choices of mains for lunch, I chose Wild Barramundi (which was well flavoured, delicious and light) however if your from overseas, this may be a good chance to try kangaroo! The tropical fruit tasting married well with the casual outdoor dining area at the Tea House, another great inclusion with this tour. The crocodile cruise with Solar Whisper comes highly recommended and it didn't disappoint! Your never guaranteed to "spot a croc" however we saw 4! The cruise itself was extremely informative and it ended on the opposite side of the Daintree (which is very convenient!) right in the heart of the beautiful rainforest, where the rainforest meets the sea! (The Great Barrier Reef). To sea it was! After meandering our way northwards through stunning ancient rainforest we arrived on cape Tribulation Beach with enough time to talk a walk, take some photos and enjoy the sunshine. Steve went out of his way to make sure we made the most of our day. He even slipped in an additional stop to show us a really cool strangler fig at the Marrdgja Boardwalk. This is a prime example how he was all day, enthusiastic, outgoing and always looking after you. The journey back sowards towards Cairns ended after an afternoon stop at Daintree Ice creamery for an awesome $6.50 cup of locally made flavours (four of them to be exact)...of ice cream. Make sure you try the Macadamia if it is available on the day! It was my fave! Thanks Discovery for a jam packed fun filled day!


Great 1/2 Day Rainforest Tour

2nd June

We wanted something more private for our small group of 5, and we didn't want to spend an entire day, so opted for the half day tour and had a great time in the rain forest with John (?). He picked us up promptly, was very knowledgeable and polite. We learned a lot about the vegetation and animals. We even stopped for some tea and bisquets (sp?) (little cookies). Our transportation was a Land rover 4X4 - which allowed us to go through some small streams, but John kept the bumps to a minimum. :-) Highly recommended for personalized service for a group of up to 5.


Will Remember Forever 

21st May

Wonderfull tour and highly informative. Our guide (Steve?) was entertaining and full of knowledge. Don't hesitate to book this one. The rainforest is worth it alone.


Holiday Tour

18th May

Absolutely fantastic 4wd experience of Barron Falls and off road 4 wheel driving. Great commentary by Mick who is a credit to the company. Would recommend as a must for any age.


Cape Tribulation Day Tour 

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of a trip from Cairns to Cape Tribulation with John. He was disappointed he did not find a Cassowary for me, can you please tell him we got to see dad and his two chicks at our tableland stay and also one or maybe two at Etty Bay.
Many thanks,
Andrew & Barbara

1/2 Day Rainforest Tour 

27 May 2016

Thank-you from me personally (agent) for this as he came back and had nothing but amazing things to say.Was amazed with the knowledge/friendliness and overall experience.  He said it was in the top x2 things he has ever done in Australia.  He has been to aus x4 times and done a lot so overall that’s pretty good!!! I love it when I (agent) get such great feedback as I am sure you do as well. Thank-you again for your great work!!!

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

5th May 2016

We like the idea of traveling with only 15 people all day. It made the day more relaxed in style, including seeing a lot more stuff. The tour was well laid out and we saw loads of beautiful thing, including a Cassowary and 5 crocodiles.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree

3rd May 2016

Really nice small group tour. Traveled to many different locations, seeing wonderful scenery along the way. Guide Carsten was full of interesting facts and made us feel very welcome.

3 Day "must do" combo tour Package

1st May 2016

We actually decided to do the 3 day combo, with the inclusions of Cape Tribulation, Kuranda and the Great Barrier Reef. Well worth it, we saved around $60 each by combining all 3 tours together. All 3 tours were well planned out, with great fun had. Appreciated the care these guys took to ensure we were looked after. Highly recommend the combo option, as it takes all the thought out of you having to choose from soooo many options in Cairns.

3 Day "must do" combo tour Package

1st May 2016

Decided to pick this combo tour as there were so many tours to choose from in Cairns. Glad we did, Jason took all the hard work out of it by booking us this combo. He was extremely helpful and explained everything we needed to know about each day tour.

Thanks J & N

 Cooktown 3 Day Tour

Appreciated this 3 day tour very much. The guide Jean was extremely knowledgeable and treated us all like we we VIP's.

Highly recommend this tour, as it showcases 3 amazing areas in the local region.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

1st May 2016

Even though it was raining the entire day, I had a really good time on this tour and keep thinking back to it when I think of Australia. Our guide, Mick, set the tone for the day with some jokes as I misstepped and sloshed through a massive puddle on the way to the mini-bus at 7 a.m. As a result of his contagious good spirits, everyone on the bus was sharing their travelling stories and sharing raincoats and shirts (the running joke of the trip was one good-humoured traveller who gave up his raincoat to another passenger and repeatedly got soaked, despite offers of dry clothes and rainwear). Mick was very knowledgable about Cairns as well as the Daindtree, told historical stories and pointed out highlights--ie. kangaroos in the field along the roadway (on the drive to the Daindtree). He took us on a tour of the Mossman Gorge among the majestic forest vegetation, pointing out the strangling creepers in the forest (trees being held hostage by vines growing on them,). One of the first things we did after getting there was take a boat tour along the Daindtree river, home to crocs in the wild. We saw a mother of a crocodile (huge intimidating body) staying close to her two offspring, Our Daindtree River guide had been guiding on the river for 17 years and had the only electric motor (very quiet and clean) on the river. Lunch at midday was in an upscale restaurant in the middle of the forest-- a tropical indoor, outdoor environment with delicious steak or fish. This is a day that I will remember

4 night Package

25th April 2016

A really good 4 night trip. Covered all the important sightseeing things in the area. It was really good getting an airport transfer to and from the hotel. Highly recommend this package, as they do all the hard work for you.


Francis & Frank

Fantastic Day at the Daintree

25th April 2016

We had a fantastic Day and our tour guide " Terry" had a great sense of humour and was very knowledgeable. Highlights for us were Mossman Gorge, lunch at the Tea- House,Daintree River cruise which was brilliant !! It was also great to see Cape Tribulation for the first time and see the mangroves and beach. Our tour guide spotted 4 wild cassowary's on the way back to the ferry which was a delight. Overall, it was a very comfortable trip and we would highly recommend this trip to families who have teenage children.

3 Day Combo Tour

22nd April 2016

Really enjoyed the three day Must Do Combo. All three tours were amazing, well organised and fun. Everything was taken care of, all we had to do is book and Jason emailed us all the travel vouchers, including information. 

Half Day Rainforest Waterfall Tour

20th April 2016

Superb tour. Decided to do the morning tour and I am glad I did. Small group of 4 passengers, the scenery was breathtaking; guide super knowledgeable. We chose the combo style and returned  by Skyrail. Great day had. Highly recommend this tour.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

10th April 2016

Hi there, we had the most amazing day today - on tour to Daintree with Steve, Steve was very entertaining and VERY knowledgable on anything and everything about this region - he just made to day - we had a very wet day but still managed to have an action packed day - thanks Steve you are awesome ! (from the Kiwis from Queenstown)

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

25th March 2016

Talk about nature tours! This was a nature extravaganza, including cicadas, impressive spiders, nearly camouflaged spiders, dragon lizards, sharks (well, their dark shadows under the water's surface), box jellyfish, and stingrays. We didn't see any crocodiles on the crocodile cruise, and cassowaries were hiding, but we saw plenty!

Lunch at the Tea House was really tasty, and getting to try the variety of exotic fruits. Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation are both beautiful. It's amazing how such a beautiful beach has so many deadly creatures. The mangroves were also impressive.

I can't find our guide's name in my travel notes, but he was great! Very knowledgeable and friendly. There were plenty of opportunities for restroom breaks and photo opportunities. On the way back, even though it was getting late, he stopped to allow everybody to take some pictures of wild wallabies.

It was a thorough sightseeing day, but one we are so glad to have undertaken

Half Day Tour

20th March 2016

Did the Half Day Rainforest tour with them, Darryl was our tour guide. He is very friendly and knowledgeable, learned a lot about Australia, the history, the nature and the people from him. It was a rainy day, but we still enjoyed it very much. The pick up and drop off were on time too. Highly recommend this tour.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

10th March 2016

Micky is an awseome and caring tour guide. He is very passionate about his job and it shows. Thank you


Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

5th March 2016

It's hard to compete with the Great Barrier Reef, but this tour did just that! Steve deserves more than five stars for making it one of the the best parts of our two weeks in Australia. He was knowledgable and shared many interesting details about the flora and fauna in the rainforest and the rest of Australia, as well as...

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

25th February 2016

Spent a brilliant day touring the beautiful Daintree Rainforest and Daintree River and surrounding areas with a great tour guide. Steve, our guide, was very knowledgeable and pointed out lots of interesting things on route. He engaged the whole bus and ensured that everyone was catered for. On each of the stops he showed us the best photo opportunities and provided excellent background information without boring everyone. All in all an excellent day out in a small group, travelling solo I was made to feel part of the group which made it lol the more enjoyable. I toured with other groups whilst in Cairns and would not rate them as highly as this one

 Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

11th February 2016

I like the fact that the group size with the company is smaller. We had 13 people, others had full buses. Singe of the lookouts were crowded enough. I can't imagine doing a large group. The tour was organized , on time other than issues created by guests and the food stops were lovely, especially lunch. The tiur guide was friendly, informative and worked hard to give us the best experience possible. I highly recommend it. We got lucky and even saw a cassowary although we struck out on crocodiles. If you are doing the tour for the latter avoid The peak of summer, sightings are rare

Half Day Rainforest and Waterfall Tour

8th February 2016

When we booked the tour we had no idea how amazing it was going to be. For once in my life I was actually speechless at the site of the strangle figs and tree ferns. Steve was so knowledgable and was able to answer all of the many questions we had for him. Had such a good time we wished that it had lasted all day

Half Day Rainforest and Waterfall Tour

6th February 2016

I took the half day excursion of the rain forest. Small group of 5. Steve, our guide was wonderful. He is very knowledgeable, very interesting and very passionate. Showed us lots of "wow" things. We had the feeling we were visiting a dear friend who wanted to share with us his favorite spots

Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest Tour

4th February 2016

Our very knowledgeable and funny guide, Terry, made us spend a fantastic day in the most interesting corners of the rainforest and paradise beaches of Cape Tribulation. Had stories about everything.Loved it.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

28th January 2016

Our tour to the Daintree and cape tribulation was packed full of great sights and a tasty lunch in the rainforest our guide was outstanding really knowledgeable, funny and passionate about the rainforest. Would recommend to anyone wanting to visit north qld :)

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

3rd January 2016

Thanks, Micky. My knowleagable, witty, and sweet guide today! I learned so much about the rainforest and Australia. I also thank all the tourists that I was with. I hope I can come back later again to see more of the country. See you.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

2nd January 2016

Steve took us on an amazing tour today. We saw all sorts of wildlife and had a grand old time frolicking through the rainforest despite torrential rain and flooding. Highly recommended! Thanks Steve!

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

20th December 2015

Had a lovely day. The tour guide made sure we got to Mossman Gorge about half an hour before all the big coaches arrived which meant we got to enjoy it and get some nice photos without the big crowds

Half Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

18th December 2015

Wonderful half day trip through the Daintree rainforest to Kuranda with Mick, our driver and guide. This off-road drive through this ancient rainforest was one of our best experiences during our tour around Australia, largely due to Mick's knowledge, enthusiasm and obvious love of the area we travelled through. His natural friendliness and humour made this a very special day for us (completed by a wonderful Skyrail trip back to Cairns).

Cape Tribulation & Daintree  Rainforest

11th  December 2015

Thank you Steve for taking care of us even my parents don't speak English! The tour was full of amazing lookouts and there was a lot to see, to experience. Also the lunch at the Daintree Tea House was perfect especially we were given a small lecture about the fruits we ate.
Definitely will recommend this trip to my friends

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

8th December 2015

Our tour was amazing, fun & informative! So much to see, do & learn! Thanks Steve for being a great tour guide! Very friendly & knowledgable! We really enjoyed our day! Thanks!! Julie, Dee & Bek

Daintree and Cape Tribulation

5th December 2015

Just back from the full day Daintree tour with Steve our tour guide & a small group of fellow travellers.

What a great day! Steve was terrific, very knowledgable & friendly. The group got on really well & it was great to meet everyone.

Everything we saw was spectacular from Mossman Gorge to the river cruise, the rainforest walks & Cape Tribulation. We saw a lot of wildlife on the river including crocodiles!

We learned a lot about the rainforest which gave us a greater appreciation of what a special place this is.

We would recommend this to anyone who loves nature and spectacular scenery.

Thanks to Steve for a great day!

Daintree and Cape Tribulation

3rd December 2015

Fabulous day out. Highly recommend it. We did it yesterday. Mick was our driver/guide for the day. He kept us interested all the time - told us all the facts in a way that wasn't boring so we had a lot of laughs. He needs to practice his Yorkshire accent!!!!! The sites were amazing. The views were stunning. At one point we stood on a beach - with one foot in the rainforest and one foot on the barrier reef! Breakfast was lovely - damper bread with jam, honey and cream. Lunch was a beautiful piece of barramundi. The restaurant owner also gave us a talk on all the different tropical fruits. The icecream on the return journey was scrumptious - well worth the wait.

 Daintree & Cape Tribulation Tour

1st December 2015

Good morning,
Thank you for taking me to Daintree & Cape Tribulation on Monday.
Carsten was knowledgeable guide, friendly and flexible, awesome!
Daintree river cruise with Solar Whisper was considering energy & environment, unique fruit professor’s talk at lunch, so good.
I also recognized the benefit of small group tour.
I really enjoyed the day!

Travel Agent

Half day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

10th November 2015

We had an excellent half day rainforest tour with 4WD car. From our hotel to Kuranda city. I highly reccomend this this company if you wish a great stories about rainforests and nature in Australia. We went back to Cairns by Kuranda Scenic railway and this was another beautifull experience. I recommend to take Gold class, because it`s a long way. A glass of champagne, served in a train, helps

 Half Day Waterfall & Rainforest Tour

10th November 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful time with Mick, our DTA guide. He took us all through the rainforest in the DTA 4x4 and taught us lots about the beautiful flora and fauna. Fantastic! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get off the beaten path--quite literally--and enjoy an authentic Australian eco-tour. The best!


Cape Trbulation & Daintree Rainforest

5th November 2015

Excellent tour and very imformative tour guide Jean. Must do when you are in the Cairns area.

Half Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

30th October 2015

My husband and I had a wonderful tour by four wheel drive through the picturesque rainforest, Baron Gorge falls and surrounding areas. We were guided through this diverse area tailoring it to what we had not already seen. The beautiful scenery has to be seen to be believed. We had ample time for photographs and even stopped at Lake Morris for morning tea. Thoroughly recommend this tour!

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

20th October 2015

The tour was a great introduction to all the cool things you can do in the area aside from visiting the reef. By itself, the tour would have been a good way to spend a day. However, our guide Steve transformed a decent trip into an exceptional trip. His knowledge of the area seemed endless and his passion for the rainforest was clear from the beginning. He was able to identify and explain in detail every single piece of the ancient forest. His sense of humor was always on point and he made every aspect of the trip enjoyable.

 Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

10th October 2015

We had a great driver called terry.we stopped at great sites.had wonderful morning tea.and lunch and great sites stopped at to see.driver was very professional and very helpful.he was willing to help in anyway with any questions we had during the tour

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

4th October 2015

First rate and Steve was an excellent guide with a wealth of local knowledge in respect of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation area. ( full day Daintree tour) For visitors who enjoy the more personalised attention that comes with smaller tour groups then this is the tour for you. Lunch at the Daintree Tea House also very nice and very informative

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

28th September 2015

Fantastic tour with the most amazing scenery. Terry our guide was so knowledgeable.

 Half-Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

18th September 2015

Spectacular countryside. The tour guide very knowledgeable. The lunch was excellent. This was a great tour including the eating of green ants!

Half-Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

28th September 2015

Great half-day tour; the scenery was absolutely stunning and it was great getting away from the crowds. If you are short on time, I highly recommend this beautiful rainforest and waterfall tour.   

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

11th September 2015

Spectacular countryside. The tour guide very knowledgeable. The lunch was excellent. This was a great tour including the eating of green ants!

Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour

10th September 2015

Thank you for the trip and I would say this is a very good trip.
The driver is very informative and the lunch was fabulous. I really like how the restaurant owner explain all tropic fruits that was on the plate to us!
The Crocodile cruise was amazing.
Once again, thank you so much for the trip and this is definite a good trip advice to the customers.
Travel Agent

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

28 August 2015

First rate and Steve was an excellent guide with a wealth of local knowledge in respect of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation area. ( full day Daintree tour) For visitors who enjoy the more personalised attention that comes with smaller tour groups then this is the tour for you. Lunch at the Daintree Tea House also very nice and very informative.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

23rd August 2015

This was a long (12 hours) day trip to see Mossman Gorge, the Daintree rain forests and Cape Tribulation. As well as seeing rain forests and beaches, we went on a boat trip on the Daintrre river and saw several crocodiles. We made the trip in a 4WD, in a small group.We also tasted a number of tropical fruits.
Steve, our guide, was very knowledgeable, and made sure everything ran smoothly.There were several of the trip's elements that we decided to repeat, but at a more leisurely pace e.g. Mossman Gorge and the drive up the cost from Cairns to Mossman. Bob R


Cape Trbulation and the Daintree Rainforest

23rd August 2015

The long day tour was an excellent way to get to know the Daintree and surrounding areas. Our guide, Carsten, was knowledgeable and care toward an unwell passenger. The croc river trip was a real highlight. Highly recommended. Taking a small bus/.group is the only way to go

Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest

19th August 2015

My partner and I loved this tour and it was made better with our tour guide Steve. He was extremely informative and clearly passionate about his job. Steve was friendly and was one of the best tour guides we have experienced. The tour itself whilst long was well worth it! On the tour we saw a number of wild life including snakes, crocodiles and birds

Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest

1st August 2015

Hey Jason, just to say thanks for your help organising tour, Nicole had a amazing time here is the comments she sent me;
All i can say is wow.. The tour guide was fantastic really knew his stuff kept us entertained and informed whole trip.. Named carlson... The gorge was beautiful.. Didnt swim tooo cold..Didnt swim tooo cold.. Learnt what stinging nettle is lol good to know... Had devon tea there.. Went for beautiful lunch and very informative talk on fruits.. Good stuff.. Saw crocs on river.. Heaps fun on boat.. Tribulation is beautiful.. Walked on beach.. Stopped for icecream.. Totally buggered by now.. Got heaps of pics but i will post them when i get home
thanks again Andrew i throughly enjoyed it and will be raving about it for years smile emoticon.
thanks again for your assistance!
Andrew Greenwood

 Half Day Rainforest/Waterfall Tour

4th August 2015

Had an awesome morning with Discovery Tours Australia. Thanks once again to our guide Steve for giving us a wonderful insight to natures beauty at Cairns doorstep.

Cheers Paul from the Flinders Ranges, South Australia...

Half Day Rainforest/Waterfall tour

20th July 2015

We had the very best time and I'm happy we choose to go with you. Jase was our guide/driver, my youngest daughter Hope is 6 and exceptionally chatty and friendly Jase was wonderful with her on our 1/2 day tour. We loved driving through the rainforest where no other companies get to go. Jase was very knowleable and friendly. Jase knew so much about the area it was amazing. The part of the rainforest we saw was awesome. My daughter even got to play around in a small creek. I've never been on such a informative and fun tour before. The views we saw were stunning that's for sure. Thank you so much

Cape Tribulation & Daintree

15th July 2015

What a great day, my 12yr old son and I had limited time in Cairns and we wanted to see a snapshot of the national park - what a lot was fitted in to the day! Our guide was excellent and he made my son feel very welcome as he was the only child on the trip that day. We visited Mossman gorge, had a crocodile trip up the river, excellent lunch - with a knowledgeable owner sharing about the food served, then a visit into the rain-forest and Cape Tribulation! Loved it and want to go back. Thank you for the great introduction to the tropical north!

Private Tour

10th July 2015

We took a private tour with Discovery Tours Australia to the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. A full day for a multigenerational family of 6. We couldn't have plotted the day better ourselves nor appreciated what we were experiencing without the comprehensive insight and knowledge of our guide, Steve. Its one thing to admire a fern and another to be told this particular fern was 1000 years old. A great day.

Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park

7th July 2015

Our tour guide, Darryl, was knowledgeable and funny - and a local who gave our small group of ten all the inside stories regarding our tour. It's a long day but not once were we wishing it were anything less. Our rainforest experience was one of the best parts, thanks to Darryl sharing his expertise on the habitat of the wildlife and native fauna (which we never realized were so interesting). Plenty of stops, excellent and elegant luncheon at the Daintree Tea House, great river tour (yes, we saw crocs!) and a comfy transport coach. You bet we would recommend it. 

Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park

3rd July 2015

Our day out was amazing!! Steve is a great guy, very friendly, very knowledgable. He made our day!!! Enjoyed everything from the rainforest walk, lunch at Daintree Tea House was set in a beautiful out door forest area. Lunch was delicious!!, especially loved the fruit review from the owner while we ate!!! Onto the croc tour, we saw Elizabeth, Dusty and two little babies. Cape Tribulation, ice cream stop and all the amazing look outs!!! Thanks Steve for a great day!! Best tour Ive been on!!! Everyone should do it!! Thanks Natalie and Jeremy

Cooktown 3 day adventure

28th June 2015

We went on the 3 day Discovery tour to Cooktown and the Daintree. It was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend it. Terry our tour guide was very knowledgeable and made sure we saw everything we could. He was very easy to get along with and we shared many laughs. There was only 3 of us so it was like a personalized tour.
The food and the accommodation were great. Very very special memories created.

 Half Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

26th JUne 2015

Hi Kerryn,
The forest and waterfalls half day was great, discovered beautiful  places in the forest that you would never had found any other way. A very enjoyable day thanks very much for arranging it for us great to have a half day tour always get asked but hard to find as most things take a full day. The bubbles was very nice touch and went down lovely thanks very much and added a few laughs. Please thank Jason again he was a great Tour guide never got lost once lol

Thanks very much
Cheers Judy :-)
Travel Agent

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

22nd June 2015

Excellent tour. Highly recommend. Small group great driver and guide. You get to sample quite a lot in one day. The lunch was not only delicious but thoughtfully prepared and served in a great setting. The scenery is spectacular and gives you a great overview so that you can explore further at another time if something particularly appeals. Thanks Steve great day. 

 3 day Cooktown tour

22nd June 2015

Discovery Tours provided a Landrover just for my family and I, with a very friendly, informative and professional tour guide - Steve. Steve gave lots of useful information about the rain forest in particular and Australia in general. He seemed to have an encylopedic knowledge of plants. He was prepared to flex the itinary as needed so we got the best out the trip. It was interesting to see the contrast between the rain forest and the outback and the tour also gave us an introduction to Aboriginal culture and the more modern history of the area.
We also enjoyed seeing many crocodiles, snakes and lovely beaches. I recommend this tour to others who want to explore this area.

 Half Day Rainforest & Waterfall tour

19th June 2015

Half day drive in a land Rover to Kuranda. Small group of five. The weather was not the greatest but we were in 4 wheel drive. Steve the guide was very knowledgeable. We learned a lot about the flora and fauna. Crossed a few rivers. Shallow parts of course. Trees fell onto the roads and we were successful with clearing away one. 2nd tree was more of a challenge and we had lots of fun trying to clear. Tried to tow, tried to cut. Etc etc. Aussies with us were pretty cool and knowledgeable as well. Really really enjoyed the drive and company

Half day Rainforest & Waterfall tour

19th June 2015

I was picked up by steve and was accidnetly late, but thankfully steve was understanding and returned to pick me up. this tour was very nice and peaceful. it was four of us and the views and day was fantastic. the lunch was amazing. overall a fantastic day. it was nice getting out of a big tour group. steve was very informative and was a great tour guide. thank you steve for a very good tour!

 Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

18th June 2015

Just returned from a full day visit to Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation with Discovery Tours
(discovery From the time of booking, we were given professional attention by the company. All our queries were promptly - and honestly - responded to. No booking advance was taken and payment was made in cash on day of your. Terry, the driver-guide, was a storehouse of knowledge on the geology, botany and zoology of rainforests and constantly drew our attention to the features we were seeing. Full marks to him for his incredible professionalism. The company has also chosen well the restaurant for lunch stop: Daintree Teahouse. Also their Daintree River tour operator - Solar Whisper - was full of entertaining stories and made our one-hour cruise memorable. Glad we chose Discovery for this personalised tour (we were a group of 10) and would be glad to recommend it to others. You can't go wrong with them.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

14th June 2015

There were only four of us in the 4WD on the day. After scenic tour up the coast we had an easy walk along rainforest boardwalks at Mossman Gorge with knowledgeable commentary from our Guide, Jean. Lunch at the unique Daintree Tea Rooms. Then a boat ride along the Daintree River where the crocodiles were out in force! Then to tranquil, beautiful Cape Tribulation and finally sample natural ice cream to watch the sunset over the mountains as a perfect end to the day and opportunity to absorb what we'd experienced. Thank you Jean for an entertaining and informative experience. Would recommend to anyone. 

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

4th June 2015

We were picked up by Steve and a fantastic day ensued, Steve was fantastic so knowlagable.
Our tour included Daintree, river cruise, Cape tribulation and a whole lot more our meal was fabulous from the Daintree Tea House , host was very informative of local fruits and final stop off at an ice cream place.
We would have never packed all this in one day
Strongly recommend this company to take you on the journey

Hi I have returned from a holiday to Cairns and I would like to compliment an employee of yours on his knowledge, skill and friendliness. It was a long day and being so tired, I actuall forget his name (Mark perhaps).  -  (it was actually Terry  - comment from DTA)
I completed the Daintree and Cape Tribulation tour on Sunday 14/06 and our guide was truly excellent. At first I saw the 4WD turn up at the hotel and saw 2 other toursist and I had though it would not be a good tour. Not before long after leaving Cairns enroute of the tour I realised your guide was excellent.
By the end of the tour I was amazed how good his knowledge of a vast range of information was and how friendly and easy to talk to he was.
If you could please pass on my appreciation to him again, I would be most grateful. He is an asset to your team.
From Mark


Day Tour 

4th June

We were picked up by Steve and a fantastic day ensued, Steve was fantastic so knowlagable.
Our tour included Daintree, river cruise, Cape tribulationa and a whole lotmore our meal was fabulour from the Daintree Tea House, host was very informative of local fruit and final stop off at ice cream place.
We would have never packed all this in one day
Strongly recommend this company to take you on the journey

We saw so much

25th May 2015

We were collect from our apartment at 7.10am and as we were the only 2 we had a whole day alone with our guide . We really enjoyed our day we went to to so many places saw so many things and learnt a lot about the area.Thanks a lot Steve. 

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

24th May 2015

We travelled to Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree Forest and Cape Tribulation with Terry. Our tour was small - only 13 in the bus. We were informed about local attractions as we travelled along, shown wildlife, especially the cassowaries and crocodiles. Well fed and well cared for. Terry was very informative about local attractions, and knowledgeable about local inhabitants and agriculture. This was a long, but very enjoyable day, where we saw so much more than we would have if we had tried to do this on our own. I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to get a snapshot of this part of Australia.

3 day Cooktown/Daintree Rainforest/Outback Adventure

23rd May 2015

Cathy, our driver / guide was knowledgeable, friendly and a very competent driver. Some of the roads were challenging!! The tour was fun and informative. We enjoyed every aspect of the tour, particularly being in a small group and having personal attention at restaurants and on guided walks. Kia ora from New Zealand

Half Day 4WD tour

20th May 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful time with George, our DTA guide. He took us all through the rainforest in the DTA 4x4 and taught us lots about the beautiful flora and fauna. Fantastic! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get off the beaten path--quite literally--and enjoy an authentic Australian eco-tour. The best!

11th May 2015

Cape Trbiulation & Daintree Rainforest

This full day trip will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear and totally tuckered, given its full array of walks, tastings, and lengthy drives. Well worth it and I highly recommend you ask for Steve – who’s a walking encyclopedia of Australian, ecological, and cultural lore, and a damn fine guide. You’ll start the morning off, bright and early with a drive to the Mossman Gorge, where tea/coffee and scones will be waiting for you at the visitors’ center. Then you’ll proceed to a guided walk around the Gorge, looking at Jurassic-age living fossils like Hope’s Cycad, trekking across an Indiana Jone-esque suspension bridge, and admiring the thick rain forest canopy and the beautiful river that makes the gorge famous.

Then you’ll head off for lunch at the Daintree tea house, where you’ll be given a demonstration of the various and sundry exotic fruits on offer in the region – many of which will be on your plate of something scrumptious (like barramundi or kangaroo). Post lunch, you’re off to a river cruise, where David will take you on Solar Whisper (a solar-powered boat that eases along the Daintree river for croc-spotting and other wildlife observing). Then it’ll be off to Cape Tribulation, where you’ll do two beach and forest walks, where Steve did a marvelous commentary job, walking us through the millions of years of evolution needed to make this place the lusciously green wonderland it is. We lucked out and had a massive cassowary (2nd largest bird on planet, endangered, and local Daintree resident) waltz down the boardwalk while we were on tour. Following your two walks, it’ll be off to ice cream at the Cape Trib creamery (delicious), then back on the long drive home. All in all, well commentated, organized, and balanced in terms of activities. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and recommend you put this on your to-do list. 

Half-Day Rainforest & Waterfsll Tour

5th of May 2015

We did the half day Daintree Rainforest Tour and were fortunate to have Kathy as our guide. She showed us a great time and taught us a lot. Would highly recommend this tour (or even a longer one). Lots to see.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree

28th of April 2015

We only had a couple more days in Cairns and really wanted to see Cape Tribulation, Daintree, and Mossman Gorge. This trip was all that and more! So glad we did it because when I return I know so many places to spend more time. Steve was the best tour guide and was extremely knowledgeable about every area we visited.

 Cape Tribulation/Daintree Rainforest Tour

25th of April 2015

Its a long day, being out for over 11 hours, but well worth it! There is alot packed into the daintree rainforest tour we did and what made it special was our guide. She had great knowledge of the various plants and habitats we saw and had a great way of bringing it to life.

Lunch was also good and we had somebody explaining all the various fruits and vegetables including how they are grown and a brief history of them. Vegetarian food was good as well, which can often be hit or miss..

Half Day Rainforest/Water Fall Tour

15th of April 2015

This tour commenced at 1.00 p.m. and took us to the lower section of the Barron Gorge. The gorge itself was spectacular and we saw a small waterfall called Surprise Fall. There is a hydro-electric station nearby, but we could not go inside. The next section of the tour was the Barron Gorge from a higher elevation, near the Barron Falls. These falls are spectacular during times of heavy rainfall, but, unfortunately, at this time there has not been much rain so the falls were not much more than a trickle. Nevertheless, the gorge itself was worth seeing. From here we proceeded to the rainforest in the Clohesy River area. Here we walked on a boardwalk which goes around a strangler fig tree which is several hundred years old. Finally, we continued on a rough 4WD track to the Copperlode Dam which supplies Cairns with drinking water. On the way down the range we stopped at some lookouts with views over the rainforest clad valleys and over Cairns itself. All this was completed in half a day, with the tour finishing at approximately 6.30 p.m. 

 Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation

3rd of April 2015

My husband and I had the pleasure of going on the Daintree/Cape Tribulation Day Tour. This tour was fantastic! Our guide Terry was so knowledgeable and fun. It is a long day with lots of time in the van, but he provides great information during the time and the views are gorgeous. All of the stops were magnificent. The Daintree Treehouse for lunch served the best meals and the tropical fruit lecture was great, especially since we were able to try most of the fruits. The fruit plantation at the end of the day on the way back sells ice cream and that was a real nice/special treat (worth the $6). We would definitely recommend this tour!

 Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest

30th of March 2015

What a packed day full of beautiful sights and laughter!

We were picked up at 7am from cairns and driven to mossman gorge. We had delicious damper with daintree tea and coffee in the cafe here. Then we set off on a short walk through the mossman gorge - what a spectacular sight! Our guide Darryl was full of knowledge and humour.

We then drove to The Daintree Teahouse for an equally sumptuous lunch (several choices, we chose barramundi) with an exotic fruit tasting and presentation by the passionate owner.

We continued to the daintree river for a cruise where we saw a croc. Then we headed to cape tribulation where the rainforest meets the beach, which was breathtaking.

On the trip home, we saw a cassowary, ate fruit icecream at the daintree icecream factory and stopped at 2 lookouts.

Getting home at 6pm, we were filled with memories and stories, as well as gratuity for having such a gracious, funny and patient guide named Darryl!

Highly recommended tour!!

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

20th of March 2015

We had a brilliant time on this tour! There was only 10 of us on the tour and our guide was a born and bred local and was extremely informative about everything in the region. We had to pick up some people from Port Douglas so the guide took us on a quick bus tour around Port Douglas before we picked them up. Our first stop at Mossman Gorge started with a lovely morning tea of scones and local tea and coffee. He then took us on a guided tour through the rainforest which I have to say was absolutely amazing! We saw some great wildlife including beautiful golden orb spiders and a boyds forest dragon. The Gorge itself was just stunning and a couple of the girls even got in for a quick dip at the edge as it was too rough to go in further.

We then went into the Daintree to the Daintree river where we took a cruise across the river. Even though it was raining, it was a nice cruise with an informative guide who had been working on the river for many years. We got to see a baby Croc as well as a frog whilst on the river. Not much else was out due to the rain but it was still a good little cruise and we got to meet some great people whilst on there.

We then headed to a little restaurant in the rainforest for lunch which was equally as impressive as the rainforest itself. The food was amazing, I had the Barramundi and my husband had the Kangaroo which tasted great! There was also an array of tropical fruits on the plate for us to try and the owner came an explained each of them to us and showed us what they look like. It was just a great lunch, even with a few mozzies around.

We then went further up to Cape Tribulation which was beautiful. We got some free time to explore, probably would have liked a little more time but even so, we got to wander through the rainforest and out to the beach area.

On the way back, we stopped at the Daintree Ice Cream place which serves ice cream in very different and tropical flavours of whatever they have made that day. They seemed quite strange flavours but they all tasted really nice! We could have wandered around the place but it was raining quite heavily all day so we stayed and chatted with the rest of the tour group which was brilliant! Even though it did rain all day however, I have to say it is the best way to see the rainforest! And the guide provided us with umbrellas whenever we needed them.

It was just a great day all around as the guide was brilliant and extremely informative about not just the rainforest but the history of the region as well as the Indigenous history and understanding of the area so that was a bonus! Whilst there was a lot of driving involved in the day as the rainforest is quite a distance from Cairns, I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone coming up to Cairns.

 Daintree Rainforest Tour

18th of March 2015

Darryl's knowledge about Australia, Queensland, and Cairns is vast... the information that he laid on us about the local area's of Cairns to Cape Tribulation... the people... (both the Indigenous and Foreigners a like)...the native and introduced animals... the native and introduced plant life...and many facets of the rainforest of Australia. This open my eyes... yes it did...

It is good that the knowledge passed on by people like Darryl gives us (people...) the understanding and the development to interact with... the environment... the rainforest... the wild life... and the people of the land...

The high lights were:... Mossman Gorge (the walk through rainforest)... Daintree Tea House Restaurant (the owners knowledge of fruit)... Daintree River (our guide on the boat... his knowledge of the ecosystem was out there)... Cape Tribulation... Daintree Ice Cream Company (ICE Cream... Yes Oh Yes)... and then there was Darryl... you might win the cricket (with an under arm, not)... the rugby league (maybe, the Kiwis, yes)... and rugby union (that could be a long time... AB's brother)...

ps... we saw a CASSOWARY... cool...

I would recommend this tour to everyone... the old a young a like... Yes I would... hope you all have a nice day ;-)

Reg's, Inga & Joe

15th of March 2015

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

My sister and I went on the tour and there was another 6 people so it was a nice small group! We had Cathy who was wonderful! It's amazing how much you realise you won't learn without a tour guide. Everywhere we went or drove she informed us off the history of it. Even just on the roads from leaving the hotel. It's really nice to have someone who has grown up there and can share facts and personal stories. We did the full day tour, and the afternoon tea at Mossman Gorge was delightful then the lunch was beautiful and set in a very beautiful place in the rainforest! Thank you for a wonderful day Cathy!

Half-Day Tour

8th of March 2015

Hi Jason,

We did a half day tour to the Rainforest with you a week ago Thursday (March 4) and the four of us wanted to thank you for one of the best experiences on our Cairns trip.  You will remember the Macaulay’s from Texas and myself (from the Gold Coast). We all thoroughly enjoyed the trip, found it informative and the bottom line is that you made the experience exceptional. Congratulations, I like your passion and people skills.

Once again many thanks,

Roy Nicolson

Private Tour

2nd of March 2015

We had been to Cairns before and seen the highlights...the reef for snorkeling, the ride up the mountain on the train and back down by cable car. A trip to see Cape Tribulation. On this trip we came by ship and would be in port for a day. Prior to our trip I contacted Discovery Tours Australia asking, "is there anything left to see". They provided a long list, so we hired a guide for the day. It was fabulous, and much better than our first trip. We had a very experienced and knowledgeable guide who showed us incredible fig trees that had to be seen to be believed, the worlds largest fern, magnificent viewpoints, and we even hand-fed wallabies on a preserve. We stopped at an historic old pub for lunch and had delicious "Aussie burgers", complete with the mandatory beet-root. It was a wonderful day, designed just for us, to meet our own specific requests. They listened to what we did and didn't want to do, how much walking we wanted, etc. and came up with a perfect day. I'm sure they'd do the same for you, even if you might want your itinerary to be a bit different. Highly recommend.

  Sunday 22nd of February

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

I was lucky enough to join your guide Daryl and eight others on your Daintree Cape Tribulation Mossman
And Port Douglas full day tour on Sunday 22 February.  Daryl shared so much rainforest knowledge
from wildlife to survival nutrition and medicines.  Our Australian history complimenting this day was outstanding.
I would like to suggest tranfers become available from the southside of Cairns.
Thanks so much for the day,



 Sunday 22 February 2015

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

I did the Daintree/Cape Tribulation tour.  I found the trip very worthwhile.
The guide/driver Daryl was friendly and very knowledgeable and entertaining!!  All though it was a long day, time seemed to fly by.  I will be recommending this tour to any guests interested in this type of day trip.
Many thanks


Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

14th of February 2015

Had the best tour while we were in Australia with Discovery Tours on there half day Rainforest & Waterfall tour with my parents. The tour was so scenic and surprised us in what we accually saw in 5 hours. Jason our guide made the afternoon more enjoyable, taking us to extra locations, showing us how to take some amazing pictures and he is very knowlegable. Thanks so much for a great day and I highly reccommend this tour to all

Mandy Riker

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

12th of February 2015

Your Cape Trib was absolutely amazing Jason, thank you!
Loved every second of it! Have sold a couple since my famil and will be selling lots more. You have the best tour guide by the way, really knows how to look after his guests. Looking forward to going again one day :)

Travel Agent

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

10th of Feruary 2015

Amazing day, learnt so much and saw the most breathtaking views. Every part of this trip was incredible, and Steve is a brilliant tour guide. Lunch was by far the best meal I've eaten. This is the only way to visit Mossman Gorge, the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. We will be back again!

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

1st of February 2015

It was a great tour to explore the beauty of the Australian rain-forests and the history of this far away country. But it was our guide Cathy who made this trip so special!!! Firstly, the tour was very well planned and organised - we didn't feel tired or bored in spite of long distance we've covered. Secondly, Cathy herself made it unforgettable - she has a great sense of humor besides her tremendous experience and knowledge of the local life and nature. It really matters that she was born and raised in this area. I would strongly recommend her as a guide if you come to see this part of the world full of wonders

Half-Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

21st of January 2015

Hi Jason,
I just wanted to pass along feedback from the British girls who did yesterday’s AM tour.
They said it was brilliant and were very impressed with the tour. Also they made special mention of what a fantastic guide you are.
Kind Regards, Jess

 Cape Tribulation & Daintree

18th of January 2015

Our tour guide was Kathy. We did the Reef experience with Cape Tribulation, a full one day with 13 others. She was so professional, informative, entertaining, funny and always had a story or experience she shared and made the day a great enjoyable experience. Lunch was an also an incredible tasty and informative experience as well, with a large variety of locally grown exotic fruits as a restaurant nestled in the rain forest.. The Daintree River Cruise was the only thing I would change. The river guide admitted that he hadn't seen any crocs for 3 weeks and that was a let down for my kids as they thought they would see at least one. If they know that there are no crocs around, perhaps change the days timetable and spend more time at Cape Tribulation.
Cape Tribulation was simply unchanged and beautiful. A trip worth going on and Kathy was simply just brilliant. Thank you. Remember it is a long day but worth it.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree

14th of January 2015

Loved it! Steve (guide) and other guests really made the day. Smooth trip, interesting facts, stunning views, great tea, lunch, treats and bad jokes (sorry Steve) really made this a trip to remember.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Tour

14th of January 2015

Our tour guide Steve was fantastic, extremely knowledgable, considerate and had a great sense of humour, he really did make the trip very enjoyable. The Daintree Rainforest was absolutely fascinating, Palm Cove simply beautiful, lunch enjoyable. I would recommend it to my family and friends anytime. Thanks Steve. 

 Cape Tribulation & Daintree

8th of January 2015

We paired the Reef Experience with Cape Tribulation. For the Cape Trib half we had a fantastic small group (12 people) tour experience. Our guide Steve was incredibly informative and entertaining, and educated us about the geographic area, the natural wonders, and included small and large bits of information that we would never have learned otherwise. Steve weaved stories with explanations about the region, flora, fauna, and people, local and otherwise. Lunch was an incredible tasty and informative experience as well, with a large variety of locally grown exotic fruits. All of the stops were well timed and interesting. Highly recommend Discovery Tours Australia!

11th of January 2015

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest

We had an amazing one day tour. Thanks to Steve, our very informative guide, we came away with far more knowledge & appreciation of these incredible places. Had the best line caught wild Barramundi for lunch in a beautiful rainforest restaurant. Being part of a small group meant a far more personalised enjoyable day. Could of stayed all day at Mossman gorge. Amazing Daintree river cruise with Dave, Australia's "real crocodile dundee". Highly recommend this trip.
Peter, Pina and Nicole.

8th of January 2015

Waterfall & Rainforest

Thanks for a great day 4 wheel driving around the rainforest and other sights with our knowledgable guide Jason. It was the tour while we were all holidaying in Cairns. Highly recommend it!!

Thank You

Joan and Bill

Cape Tribulation/Daintree

2nd of January 2015

We selected Discovery Tours due to the small group size, excellent reviews and content. We were met for our tour on the morning of the tour at our hotel on time. Apparently, for that day, we were the only booking so they upgraded us to a personalized tour with Daryl in a Land_Rover 4X4. It was an awesome experience! Daryl is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and witty. He educated us on the history of the area, facts about the Rain forest, Aboriginal Culture. The lunchtime sampling of local fruit, meats, ice cream was just delightful! Mossman gorge, walk through the Rain forests and the drive up and down were just delightful. Daryl made the trip so much more enjoyable with his enthusiasm and engaging demeanor. My wife and I were in Australia for our 25th anniversary and we would highly recommend this tour!

Cape Tribulation

29th of December 2014

A huge big thank you to Jason for organsing all our accomadation and tour to Cape Tribulation. The guide Terry was great and the tour was amazing

 28th of December 2015

Thanks to Darrel for being the best guide ever had a awsome time with him on your Cape Tribulation And Daintree Tour

 Excellent Day Out

18th of December 2014

We went on the Daintree and Cape Tribulation small group excursion and CATHY was our superb guide. We were picked up from our hotel in Cairns at 7 am and visited Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation. Included in the trip was morning coffee and cake, super lunch with local produce and all explained to us by the owner of the restaurant and home-made icecream in the afternoon. Water to drink was provided on the bus. The whole day was professionally planned and Cathy, our guide, was so knowledgeable and interesting and we learnt so much and had an enjoyable time. Highlights included the boat trip on the Daintree river and seeing two crocs. Mossman Gorge, Cape Tribulation and walking on boardwalks in the mangrove forest. Cathy pointed out so much that we would not have spotted ourselves. Her enthusiasm was infectious and she wanted to show us everything and in fact we did not get back to the hotel until about 7pm Thoroughly recommend the trip and Cathy our Guide and certainly wetted our appetite to visit again

Great Day Out

10th of December

Enjoyed a great 4WD tour, travelling in some of the most spectatcular rainforest scenery we have ever see. Thanks for a great day out.

Half Day Rainforest and Waterfall tour

1st of December 2014

Superb trip..Excellent tour guide Jason. A must do in Cairns if you are short of time

Thanks heaps


 One day tour, Cape Trbulation, Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas

7th of December 2014

We enjoyed very much the one-day tour to the Daintree Rainforest, Mossman, Gorge Tribulation and the fantastic gourmet lunch. I will surely recommend Discovery Tours to my friends. Thanks to our tour guide. He is well-informed, very professional and funny. Thanks also for taking time to go back to my hotel just to return the sun hat I left behind in the van

 "Awesome Day"

Cape Tribulation Tour

4th of Decemeber 2014

At first many thanks to our guide Steve. We never had such a funny, motivated, entertaining and absolutely well-informed guide! He informed us about lots of plants, animals and places. We had two great walks through the Rainforest in Mossman and Daintree and he showed us any breathtaking Lookouts. Thank you for an unforgettable day and a lot of exciting information

Private charter to the Tablelands and small group tour to Cape Tribulation

We had a fantastic guide, Steve, who was extremely informative about the Tablelands and its vegetation. He really made our trip one to remember and we have since talked often about how good he was and how lucky we were to have such a guide. We were fortunate to also have him as a guide when we went to Cape Tribulation as a Group. Once again his friendly attitude made everyone comfortable.
We highly recommend using Discovery Tours Australia, lead by Jason who was most helpful during our trip preparation and gave us good advice on what trip to select as well as which Great Barrier Reef company to use. Thank you.

 Rita - Nov.2014

G'day Jason,

Now back in the colder UK I just wanter to thankyou for your excellent services and recommendations. It was also nice to meet up with you whist on the Tablelands with our guide Steve. We thoroughly enjoyed our private charter on the Tablelands and the trip to Cape Tribulation. Jason, you did an outstanding job structuring this for us.

We must point out that it was a pleasure to have Steve as our guide. He is very informative, professional and friendly. We will definitely reccommend your company should anyone ask us about a tour in Cairns

Thanks again


 Cape Trubulation/Daintree Tour

28th of November 2014

Superb trip..Excellent tour guide(Steve). A must do in Cairns

Half-Day Rainforest/Waterfall Tour

26th of November 2014

We were so very glad we took this trip. It was more like going on an adventure with a friend than on the tour. Thank you Jason! If your ever come to ldaho we owe you a great time.

Robert Moore

This is What Dreams are made of

25th of November 2014

If you want to see THE REAL Australia, book with Discovery Tours - you will not be disappointed! Whether it's a Land Rover tour through the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation, a private tour to Copperlode Dam or up to Granite Gorge to visit the rock wallabies, they will show you the raw, uncut stuff you really want to see when on vacation. Jason is a fantastic guide. You'll not only see alot, but you'll learn even more. We definitely returned home more knowledgeable and well-traveled. We can't wait to tour with Discovery Tours again.

  A Taste of paradise

21st of November 2014

selected Discovery Tours because of the small group size, which enabled me to meet and enjoy all the persons on the bus. Our group included persons from Poland, Spain, the UK, the US, Brisbane, Germany, and France.

My favorite portions of the day were the Mossman Gorge hike, the Daintree River cruise, the hike through the mangroves, the lunchtime tasting and education about tropical fruit, and the gourmet ice cream made from tropical fruits (specifically, wattle, Australia's national flower, macadamia, black sapote). However, I have saved the best for last. Our guide, Steve Herdegen, was engaging, enthusiastic, and informative. I learned more than I could have hoped from the tour. Much of which I was able to share with friends I made during other parts of my adventure.

I would highly recommend the tour. Be prepared, however, to have your appetite whetted. You will want to spend more time in the many places you visit on this lovely day, so prepare accordingly.

So Much Beautiy

Half Day Rainforest/Waterfall Tour

17th of November 2014

Had such a great afternoon out with Jason. We saw so much beauty in just a few hours. If you have limited time or want to get away from the crowds, I highly recommend this tour and Jason of course. Great company and sensational accredited guide.

Jane and Sam

Cape Tribulation/Daintree Tour

12th of November 2014

I went on tour with Steve today and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I would definitely recommend Discovery Tours in the future.

Half-Day Rainforest/Waterfall Tour

11th of November 2014

Had one of the best tours I have ever been on with Jason and the Waterfall and Rainforest tour. The scenery was amazing and Jason's knowlegde was great and his personalitiy was fun and adventurous.

Thanks for a great day and I highly recommend this tour


Half-Day Rainforest/Waterfall Tour

10th of November 2014

The Deluca’s reported back regarding their half day yesterday. Another satisfied customer. They had a fantastic time – their own personal tour… They mentioned their guide Terry was very obviously passionate about conservation and they were very pleased with my recommendation.

Travel Agent

Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour

11th of November 2014

We didn't know how lucky we were to pick this company. Steve our driver and guide was like a walking encyclopedia. He was the best guide I have been with. We were lucky again as the van for our trip was being serviced so we did the trip in a 4 wheel drive Land Rover Discovery. We did the Daintree Forest trip, a full days adventure, including morning tea, superb lunch and a visit to a unique ice cream factory in the forest! I heartily recommend this company and am sure whatever trip you choose with them it will be a great experience if Steve is anything to go by.

"Great Memorable Trip"

Half Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

5th of November 2014

Our half day trip with Terry in the 4WD driving through the Rainforest above Cairns was fantastic!
We drove through the rainforest creeks, rivers and over the mountain ranges. This trip included a visit to the Copperlode Dam, which is not accessible to the general public. Awesome!
Terry's knowledge made the whole trip so memorable. We would happily do the whole trip again with him. Thank you Terry and thanks for the plaster x.

 "An Excellent Adventure"

Half Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

3rd of November

We had an excellent time on a half day tour with Steve our guide. Off road 4WD driving through the Heritage Rainforest and creeks. Great view at the top of the mountain range. Great for small groups or families. Steve knew the area extremely well. I would recommend this tour to anyone for a personalised and up close encounter with the North's spectacular rain forest. Thanks Steve Townsville Family.

Cairns Tours

2nd November 2014

Awesome! We booked both the full-day Daintree & Cape Tribulation Tour as well as the half-day 4WD Rainforest Waterfall Tour, and had a blast. We were fortunate enough to have Terry as our guide on both trips. He's a top bloke and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended, and we would happily do the trips again. Marian & John from Melbourne

Half Day Rainforest/Waterfall Tour

27th of October 2014

Excellent tour, very informative. Great tour guide (Steve). Well worth doing.


Cape Tribulation/Daintree Tour

26th of October 2014

Excellent tour and very informative tour guide (Steve). Good morning tea at Mossman Gorge and lunch at Daintree rain forest resturarant


Good Service

20th of October

We did a half day rain forest tour, and tour guide-Jason was very friendly, and provided good service. He has a good knowledge about the forest. We truly enjoyed our tour. Thank you From Adelaide

Cape Tribulation Tour

18th October 2014

Excellent tour, guide was so knowledgeable (Terry) would recommend them very highly indeed, our lunch stop was amazing, the food was 1st class, gluten free no problem as the food was naturally gluten free, the tropical fruit talk was very interesting and the fruit really tasty. One of the best tours I have ever taken. We saw so much in just 1 day

Awesome Daintree/Tribulation Tour

17th October 2014

Excellent tour, informative knowledgeable guide (Steve), amazing morning snack stop, delicious lunch stop and yummy ice cream stop in afternoon. We covered so much in just one day, a visit to an amazing Eco friendly Aboriginal centre with such beautiful quality gifts available, a Daintree River trip, 2 guided Rainforest walks, lots of beautiful views that words could not describe all in all an awesome day and I would highly recommend this company. The drive to the Rainforest was so scenic. Would do it all again tomorrow if I could.

 Cape Tribulation

11th October 2014

Great trip today many thanks to Steve our guide, lunch was amazing what a great day, what a great place. Thank you


Highly reccommended

10th of October 2014

We did a half day tour (5 hrs), our guide and driver was Terry who had a wealth of knowledge about the area and a sense of humour which made the trip all the more enjoyable. This was one of the best tours we have ever done, certainly a must do when in Cairns 

Afternoon in the Rainforest

9th of October 2014

An afternoon spent going into the rainforest near Cairns. We were a small group of six including Steve our guide. it was an amazing experience to be able to go off road and into the rainforest. Some spectacular and beautiful sights. Steve was very knowledgable about the area and wildlife etc. the vehicle was comfortable and we had a tea stop on the way back. Very worthwhile trip

Fabulous 4WD Tour

8th of October 2014

I had a delightful time on an afternoon Rain Forest trip with Discovery Tours Australia. It started with some serendipity—I arrived in Cairns airport at 12, was at my hotel by 12:30 to find the tour desk unmanned. I picked up the phone and the organizer said my only option to see the Rain Forest that day was a half-day 4WD trip and they might have a single seat left. Not only did they, but Steve drove into the hotel driveway 3 minutes later, setting what must be a responsiveness world record.

We were treated to a drive up the winding road to Kuranda, then through the Rain Forest and bush via dirt roads and forded streams. Along the way we stopped at a number of interesting sights and lookouts. Throughout Steve kept the conversation going with interesting facts, local knowledge (he lived for years in both Kuranda and Cairns). There were a number of interesting stops—afternoon tea along the road next to a giant fern, or a boardwalk that led to immense strangler trees, or lookouts with a view of the entire valley.

We were dropped off in Cairns just as evening approached. The afternoon was fun from start to finish. I would recommend it particularly to those interested photography, nature, or a personalized and very personable experience.

 22 September 2014

We recently completed your 3 day Cooktown/ Daintree tour -28 to 30 August and I would like to congratulate your Company for the well planned organization of this tour. Our Guide, Cathy was fantastic. Her knowledge, courtesy and expertise were outstanding and helped to make this tour a very memorable one. Many thanks we would recommend your tour to anyone!
Jen & john Spicer.

 17th of September 2014

“Excellent tour with small groups and "local" favourite destinations”

I went out on this tour this morning and had an absolute blast! It is different than the other tours I have done as the groups are quite small (maximum of 6 people) and rather than being in a bus we are in a proper four wheel drive which goes off roads to destinations normally unvisited in tours around the tablelands. Our guide Jason was extremely friendly, knowledgable and accommodating in every possible way. Despite being a local and having seen a lot in the area on my own and on other tours, some of the stops were new to me. One of the highlights was stopping in the middle of nowhere (at a beautiful scenic creek) for morning coffee and anzac biscuits. It was such a beautiful and serene feeling!!

 17th of September

Thanks for an awesome day on the half day Rainforest and Waterfall tour Jason

X Travel

Wonderful Aussie Tour Guide

25th of August

 A belated big thank you to our fantastic tour guide, Steve, for such a wonderful half-day 4WD tour from Cairns in the last week in July. We were short of time and the half day tour was perfect. The other couple on this trip were Chinese tourists and we are quite sure they were also delighted with Steve's patience, knowledge and passion for this beautiful area (and a great driver). We enjoyed the unique experience of sighting a cassowary darting across the track on our trip!

Fantastic Cape Tribulation Tour with Terry

24th August 2014

I have nothing but fantastic things to say about our guide Terry who could not have been nicer, more accommodating, or more knowledgable. I also loved the tour and felt it hgave a good sense of all the highlights along the coast up to Cape Tribulation. I was truly impressed and so glad to have chosen this tour for my short time in Cairns.

A small van picked me up at 7am from my hotel and I joined a contingent of two Aussies, two Kiwis plus our guide Terry. Terry was a fantastic tour guide the whole trip and clearly was exceedingly knowledgable about history, the area, animals and plants, aborigines and more, not to mention super nice.

Much of the day was driving since our final destination was Cape Tribulation which is very far north but I didn't mind the driving and rather enjoyed all the scenery and commentating from Terry. I learned that just north of Cairns, most of the sugarcane in all of Australia is grown making sugarcane the second biggest agricultural export after wheat. The scenery, sugarcane, clouds, lush mountains all reminded me so much of Hawaii. Terry went on interestingly pointing out that after tourism, sugarcane is Queensland's biggest industry but both are seasonal so the territory has fairly high unemployment in the wet season. Throughout the drive Terry focused on the theme of animals and humans interaction and often expressed disappointment about development and how much it has squeezed animals into smaller areas, pointing to dozens of wallabies on a large field just off the side of the road. When it came to talking about crocodiles, sharks and other such animals he pointed out that such animals needs their distance and usually it's natural selection of people who get injured, you shouldn't be stupid enough to be interacting close enough to get hurt. He was also extremely informative on environmental issues dealing with the rainforest, fishing, mangroves and more which was very impressive. Even more so was he knowledge and understanding of aborigines history and culture. He mentioned that he knew a lot of aborigines and it showed when he spoke of amazing practices that they used such as making soap from tree sap and other amazing tricks and tools. I was very impressed to say the least.

As we drive along, we began to pass by various gorgeous beaches that looked like something out of a beach calendar and belonged in Tahiti not here. Trinity beach, Palm Cove, Ellas's beach were each beautiful in different ways, some covered in sand, others rocky. Our can then climbed a hill and soon enough we were atop Flagstaff hill overlooking 4 mile beach, quite a view of the beach in Port Douglas.

After leaving Flagstaff hill, we headed to Mossman Gorge which is a gorge in the Daintree national park. We arrived at the visitor center and had "Morning Tea" in very British fashion, consisting of tea or coffee of your liking and biscuits. I had a biscuit. Next we boarded a national park bus to take us up to gorge. There Terry walked us through the rainforest, which I should mention the Daintree is entirely made up of, and showed us various interesting plants, tree roots, animals, etc. It was all very serene and beautiful. Terry then let us explore for a bit around which included a shaky bridge (though completely new and safe) and a spot overlooking the river. It was all great and soon enough we headed back on the bus, got on our van and headed to lunch, which I was hungry for after waking up at 6:30am.

We arrived for lunch at the Daintree Tea House Restaurant, it's doorway barely visible among all the plants and trees surrounding it. The restaurant looked a bit dated and though not as elegant, could have passed for a colonial outpost in Indochina with a nice veranda and open porch. There was a nice spread of fruits at the table over from ours with jackfruit, star fruit and others I had never seen. When we sat we were served a tropical fruit juice mix that was refreshing and not long after our food arrived that we had ordered with Terry in the morning. I had a barramundi muniere which was tasty along with a spread of fruit slices which were explained to us, including one that tasted just like custard. The meal was great and very fresh and at the end one of the owners came to out table and explained all the fruits on our plates as well as those at the table next to us. He was a very tall fellow, maybe 6'5" and lanky, though maybe his short shorts and skinny legs helped with the illusion. The man was clearly extremely knowledgeable in all things fruit and related to us what each one was as well as other varieties, what they're used to cook, and of course because it's Australia, the numerous poisonous versions of each which thankfully we weren't eating. At the end of his talk, he brought over a sample of a fruit called a black sapote, which looks pretty much like a spoiled avocado, that dark green/black color with what looked like the texture of avocado. Another man took a spoon and scrape out a chunk, as one would do with an avocado, and served each of us, with me going first. I actually really enjoyed it! The texture was like a thick mousse with just a hint of sweetness and was unlike any fruit I've ever had both in color and taste. Following that delicious meal and interesting lesson on Australian fruits, we got back in the van and headed to the Daintree river to search out some crocs on the safe deck of a small river boat called the Solar Whisper.

Our guide for the "cruise" looked like a croc whisperer out of central casting. He was an older general man, lanky, missing a number of teeth and speaking with a craggy Australian accent that could have doubled as Pirate. Nonetheless appearances are often deceiving. This man clearly loved the environment and ecosystem very much and was not you're average hillbilly fool when it came to these issues. He was very adamant about malign it clear that the boat ride was not a crocodile seeing tour, though that is why probably most people were on it, but instead an ecosystem tour so you can understand the environment in which such animals like crocodiles can live, the spirit of which I liked.

In fact he spent a long time explaining he various types of mangroves along the river, or rather one side since the other side's had been taking out during a timber cutting period and now that side of the river was completely eroding. The moral of the story, don't mess with the mangroves, they're key to the ecosystem and soil. Not to mention they were so beautiful and intricate! I don't think I had ever seen them up close but it was really a marvel. Mangroves grow above the water because there a no oxygen in the mud so their roots must be above water in order to get oxygen. In the Daintree alone there are 36 varieties of mangroves which is pretty amazing. On our tour lasting not more than 45 minutes or at least it felt quick, we saw a lot of mangroves, a wild turkey, kingfisher, and three crocodiles including Liz, a 23 year old female. I learned that a crocodile can lay up to 30 eggs but the eggs actually breathe and need oxygen through the shell so if there is a floor as often happens, most don't survive.

We then got off our boat and back in the van to head to the Wallu-wurrigga overlook. There we got our and saw the amazing view of the mouth of the Daintree river connecting to the ocean. It was pretty spectacular. Then we made our journey to our final stop on the tour: Cape Tribulation.

The beach is so long and deep and surrounded by rainforest. The small waves were breaking just about 10-15 feet offshore making for a lapping, idyllic sound and beautiful repetitive view like a Corona advertisement. Although the sun wasn't completely out the overlook five minutes hike provided a gorgeous panorama of the beach and coastline. As I walked along the beach I noticed I was stepping on tons of what looked like tiny sand beads but I worried they might be eggs of some animal! So I carefully tiptoed away from them until I was on the open beach. Then I approached some other I saw and realized they were from sand crabs. The crabs would dig a hole and all those beads were the sand they excavated from their tunnels. They formed such amazing and intricate shapes with these beads.

From Cape Tribulation we started our descent back down the coast towards Cairns which takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Not long after leaving the cape we stopped at the Daintree Ice Cream Company, which makes ice cream from various local fruits. The offer a cup with four scoops of different flavors each day and today they were Wattleseed, Jackfruit, Macadamia Nut, and Apricot. Although I normally don't enjoy fruit ice dreams or rather many flavors other than coffee, these were fantastic! Even though I didn't know what Wattlesseed was or is, it had a real nutty but nice flavor and all the rest were equally great. It was a very sweet way to end a really fun day. 

 Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour

19th of August

Had an awesome half day exploring the beautiful tropical rainforests.
Our tour guide "Steve" made the day an absolute pleasure.
A wealth of information and surprises.
A must for anyone visiting the area.

 4WD Half Day Rainforest and Waterfall Tour

15th of August

Spent more than a couple minutes watching a lovely little platypus swim around. Wish we could have gotten a better picture, it was the camera not the setting! Had a great time with Jason :)

 4WD Half Day Rainforest and Waterfall Tour

5th August 2014

Did a half-day 4WD tour with Jason. Utterly breathtaking views . Fantastic guide with an abundance of local insight and information. Loved the side discussions on sustainable ecology.

 Awesome Day Out

23rd of July 2014

We had a truely great day touring Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge & Cape Tribulation. Professional and well organised tour. Food was delicious & local produce used. Tour Guide Steve was full of knowledge & interesting facts about flora, fauna, history & culture of the area. Will definitely be using Discovery tours again. Kel & Bel

 15th July 2014

Cape Tribulation

My guest Mr Fuentes reported back to me this evening that his Cape Tribulation tour was the highlight of all his travels and said Steve was fantastic

Kind Regards

Tour Agent

 What a cool day in the Rainforest

1st July 2104

We decided at the last minute to do the half-day 4WD adventure with Discovery Tours and we are so glad we did. It was 5 hours of pure beauty and there were only 6 of us, which made the experience private and defiantly very exclusive for us. Our guide Jason was outstanding in everyway and his knowledge...WOW that's all I can say!! Highly Recommend it!!

 An Excellent, Private, Informative tour

29th June 2014

We had a fantastic day visiting Palm Cove, Port Douglas, the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. Our Tour Guide Steve was amazing, a plethora of knowledge. Thank you Steve and Discovery tours Australia, highly recommend this tour!

 "Great Informative day"

16th June 2014

Darryl is a great guide. He has extensive knowledge of the area, has a great sense of humour and obviously loves what he does and where he lives. I didn't know what to expect as I'm not really into tours but as I was on my own for a few days while my partner was at a conference in Cairns I thought this would be a good idea. I had a great day and really want to go back to all the areas I visited for a longer stay some time in the future.

Cape Tribulation & Daintree

14th June 2014

Thanks, it was a great trip, well enjoyed by all. Highlight was lunch and the crocs, very stimulating. Doris was terrific.

 Cape Tribulation & Daintree

27th May 2014

On the 27th May we did a Discovery small group day tour to Cape Tribulation. You suggested this would be suitable for us as my husband uses a walker. It was wonderful. There were only 7 of us plus Steve our guide/driver who was so very helpful and informative. I would recommend this to everyone. It was a great day.

Thanks for your suggestion

Kath MacInante

Cape Tribulation

10th June 2014

Our Group from the Pomona Rotary Club recently visited Cairns and booked a one day tour with you at DiscoveryTours to visit Cape Tribulation and the Daintree area..I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the experience. The new 13 seater vehicle worked perfectly for us and the driver/guide Jean, was excellent. We agreed that we would give him a unqualified recomendation. He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and made what was a good tour into an excellent experience.

Gary Kay
Pomona Rotary

Cape Tribulation and the Daintree

6th Of June 2014


I have never written anything like this before so here it goes....

My Name is Noelene and my friend, Carlole and I had the happy experience of doing your full day Cape Tribulation tour on Friday the 6th of June.

For the entire day, from the minute Steve picked us up at our hotel until he dropped us off at the end of the journey I experienced delight; I think we all did but I should probably speak for myself. I won't try and single out any one wonderful experience from the day, there were too many. Suffice it to say that thanks to your comapny attention to detail; Stesves personality and knowledge and his ability to impart that knowledge in a way that made me understand the significance ofand want todiscover much more about, an exquiste place. It was one of the magic days in my 66 years on this beautiful earth and I thank you.

Keep doing what youare doing as you nailed it


Half-Day Rainforest & Waterfall Tour

4th of June 2014

What an amazing experince and a total surprise. Thank you Jason for sharing some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Your guiding skills, knowledge, qualifications,education and personality were outstanding and I will highly reccommend this tour and YOU to everyone I know. What a outstanding half day tour and a huge must do!


 29th May 2014

Cape Tribulation/Daintree

Such a great day up in the Daintree Rainforest, great guide and group of people to share a memorable day. No rushing,small group, very informative and classy new bus to tour around in. Highly recommend this tour 

 12th May 2014


Our trip to the Rain forest was guided by Terry, who was brilliant and very informative. The bus was comfortable and air-conditioned. It was a long day for Terry, as we were picked up at 7.10am and we returned at 6.30pm. Everthiung went very smoothly. We chose Kangaroo for our lunch-it was very good. There was also talk on tropical fruit which we found very interesting.

Beverly Keel

 4WD through the Rainforest and splendid scenery

7th May 2014

Did the 4WD adventure with discovery Tours and had one of the best days of touring while we were here in Australia.

Jason our multi-accredited Eco Guide was fantastic. He was so knowledgeable in every field and could answer all questions we threw at him.

The scenery we saw was fantasic and it amazed us how much we did see in such a short time.

Thanks Jason for a fab day and we highly recommend this tour

Fantastic small group tour of the Daintree & Cape Tribulation

23rd April 2014

 We had such a good day and the tour included so much more than we expected. Steve was our tour guide, he was fantastic, fun and very informative!! Highly recommend this tour!

Great all round tour

17th April 2014

Travelled up to the Daintree with Discovery Tours and had such a great day with them. Everything ran like clockwork. The tour was relaxed , not rushed and there was only 7 of us on the tour. We got to see all the area's highlights and a little bit more as well, which we didn't expect.

If you are are looking for a small group, no rush tour to the Daintree, this is a perfect tour for you and we highly recommend this tour. Thank you Discovery Tours and our guide Terry.

"Fantastic Trip"

6th April 2014

Hi Guys

Would like to pass on that Mr & Mrs Hunt had a great day yeasterday on your Half Day Rainforest/Waterfall Tour.

They said they had a fantastic time and enjoyed it very much and that Jason was absolutely fantasticas well.


Tour Desk Consultant

An Unforgettable Experience

8th April 2014

The tour exceeded my expectations both with the senery and the tour guide Jean. From the beginning he was very friendly and approachable. It was evident that he was very passionate about his job-he was really knowledgeable and shared a lot of interesting information about the fauna and flora in an engaging way. The vehicle was great and there were only 4 of us. Loved it!

Wow...What a day

18th Feb 2014

My wife and myself have spent 3 weeks touring Australia and we both have seen some of the most beautiful things this amazing country has to offer. The half-day Rainforest/Waterfall tour we had chosen with Discovery Tours has to be the best thing we did while we were in Australia. The privacy of the tour, the guide Jason, the exclusive areas of travel and the most spectacular scenery one could ever image. We highly recommend this tour and this company as it is first class all the way. Thank you Jason for a very fun and enjoyable day and we will recommend you to all friends traveling to Australia.

"What a way to spend a day"

13th February 2014

Thanks to our tour guide Darryl my family has just returned from a wonderful day exploring the Daintree and surrounds. Darryl was informative, good humoured and accommodating. We werent rushed and had plenty of time to see the things that we wanted to look at and explore.Mossman gorge and damper to start then a drive up the coast towards the Daintree river where we had a wonderful lunch with lots of information given on tropical fruits and then off to look at crocodiles. An unscheduled stop on the way back to look at and photogragh wallabies for the Canadian and Irishman with us showed us that this company cares about its customers. Thanks 

"Mossman Gorge,Daintree,Cape Tribulation day tour"

13th February 2014

An excellent day. Darryl was an informative, personable, affable and accommodating guide. We were a small but diverse group and we were introduced and encouraged to share by our guide. It was a very interesting, very entertaining and very educational day. We travelled on a mini bus and on a small coach and on foot and by boat and on a chain ferry. And we saw crocodiles AND a CASSOWARY. So exciting! Oh, and morning tea and lunch were included and were delicious.

An expensive day but excellent value for money. Thank you to Darryl for a great experience

 11th Feb 2014

"Rainforest around the rainforest"

A marvellous and very interesting tour with Jason with lots of information, showing us the rainforest and its contents but also taking us round to see the waterfalls that other tours do not see. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone.

 10th Feb 2014

Just wanted to pass on some feed back regarding our trip which we booked on the 5/2 to the Daintree/Mossman Gorge etc.

My husband and I were picked up from the Mantra Aqueou in Port Douglas, by a lovely Spanish Guide called Xavier, let me tell you, that was the highlight of the trip. He had such a great personality and knowledge of the area and gave us a detailed explanation of the wildlife,habitats etc.

He made our trip so enjoyable and so full of fun

Please pass on our thanks to him as he deserves it.



 "Daintree on Jan 27"

January 27th 2014

We booked our tour last minute the night before. Heather was great to work with in the office. We were booked with Jason the next day. He was on time to pick us up for a day long tour. JAson is well educated in the area and history of this part of Australia. He is also well versed in the Ecology. Definitely was a plus having him as our guide. Besides his knowledge he is very pleasant and funny. This is a definitely a "must do" trip if you are in the Cairns area.

Luch was well prepared and informative by the restaurant owner. Morning tea was also nice at Mossman Gorge.

Awesome 5 hor half day tour

2nd February 2014

Had an awesome day on Discovery Tours half-day rainforest/waterfall tour. Cannot believe how much we got to see in 5 hours. The rainforest scenery was spectacular and all the waterfalls were flowing well due to all the rain. It was real 4 wheel driving as well.. Plenty of good water crossings and the guide jason was great and stopped and showed us where to grab that perfect photo. The tour was very small in size which was perfect and made it personal. Thanks so much for an awesome day and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a half-day to spare and wants something small and exclusive.

30th January 2014

What a value packed day. The bus trip is comfortable, informative and entertaining. Our guide Trevor was delightful. A stop at Port Douglas, the scenery from the bus, the Daintree River - which is amazing, cruise on a boat, see crocodiles, Mossman Gorge - this is a trip that just keeps giving! Lunch was fantastic, in a very nice setting, morning and afternoon tea also included. From the pick up at our hotel at 7 am until the drop off at 6pm this was a big day out but a relaxing and very enjoyable day out.
A big thanks to Trevor, we had a great day mate.


23rd January 2014

Thanks Jason so very much for the organisation of our private tour on 18th January.   A great day was had by all.  Please thank Mark for his wonderful care of us all - the highlight was definitely getting drenched in Mossman Gorge!!!


16th January 2014

"Wonderful trip to the Daintree with Jason"

Want to reiterate all the good things about this tour that have already been posted. The review by erini86 described perfectly all the points of interest that we saw and experienced on our full-day tour with Jason, who was very knowledgeable and interesting. I would highly recommend this tour as a "must do". Linda and John St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

15th January 2014

Jessica Wood

Did the Cape Tribulation tour just before Christmas, it is fantastic! Amazing scenery and wildlife with a lovely lunch in between. Jason is a very knowledgeable and fun guide with a well planned and relaxed schedule to really take in the sights, making the experience even more valuable. Highly recommended. Thanks Jason, I'll be back soon!


13th January 2014

FANTASTIC day trip through the Daintree with Trevor!

WOW - what an excellent day trip this was - we are SO glad we booked it.
The day started bright and early (7am) where we were picked up right on time by our fantastic guide Trevor. We were travelling in a 9-seater mini van, which was spacious and comfortable (tip: sit in the seat near the door for extra leg room!). After the last hotel pick up, Trevor introduced himself properly, and the other guests on the bus and gave a run down of what the day was going to look like, and off we went!

First we headed up past the northern beaches and through gorgeous Palm Cove. Then it was onto Pt Douglas for a quick pit stop, drive through the town and look out.All through the day while drivingm Trevor pointed out interesting land marks and sights and provided a very informative commentary!
Next was a drive to Mossman visitors centre where we enjoyed morning tea of damper scones with jam and cream and tea and coffee. From here we caught another mini bus into Mossman Gorge which was just beautiful, and Trevor was very knowledgeable about the rainforest and could answer all our questions. We then transferred back to our mini bus and then it was time for lunch at the Daintree tea house, which was deeeeeeeeelicious (go for the barra!). The tropical fruit tasting was a highlight and we tried a few fruits for the first time.
Next it was time for a river cruise and some croc spotting. We were lucky enough to see 4 crocs, even though it wasn't a great time of year for finding them. Then it was a drive into the Daintree rainforest, with a few stops along the way. One which must be mentioned was the Daintree icecream company - the days flavours were wattleseed, passionfruit, sugar banana and soursop - so so good!
It was then time to head to cape tribulation, including a quick stroll through the rainforest which was such a beautiful place. This was our last stop before heading back to Cairns which was about a 2 hour drive - again with some interesting commentry from Trevor and another look out stop on the way.
Overall, an absolutely fabulous and very memorable day. There was a couple of things on the brochure we didn't get to but there just wasn't time and we didn't feel that we'd missed out at all. We got back to the hotel at about 7:30pm. A highly highly reccommended tour, and if you're lucky enough to have Trevor as your guide, it will make your day even more enjoyable. Thank you!!!


Many Thanks

From the Olsen and Jensen Families

Just a Thank you for looking after my clients last week when they toured with you. I spoke with Polly Olson yesterday who couldn’t have been happier for their experience with Mark on his tour of the beautiful north. They were appreciative of Mark’s expertise and knowledge, as well as his flexibility in exploring more of what he thought they may (and did!) enjoy. My thanks to your team. I’ll definitely keep you on speed dial for any Cairns/Far North Bound clients.

5th January 2014

Awesome and Informative

My mother and I arrived in Cairns, we were staying at Discovery Lodge and found the staff there very patient and helpful filling our time with activities. We booked onto the Mossman Gorge, Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation full day tour. Our tour started punctually from our accommodation, the transport was comfortable and cool, a great relief from the humidity that we had not yet acclimatised to! Our tour guide Jason blew us away with his passion and knowledge of the area and ecology of the bush. There were just four of us on the tour making it flexible and personalised. We had lunch at the Daintree tree house, a great experience in itself, especially the resident tree frog living in the toilet. We saw some amazing wildlife throughout the day and loved every minute of the tour, we enjoyed it so much we decided to book another tour with them the next day and Jason gave us a great deal and adjusted a tour to fit our time constraints. If I were to return to Cairns I would not hesitate to book with Discovery Tours again.


14th December 2013

Awesome Day

We booked the Mossman Gorge-Daintree-Cape Tribulation full day tour and thoroughly recommend and enjoyed. We chose this company because they do small groups up to 9. There were 5 on this tour and we received wonderful personal service from Trevor. Pick up was 7am and we returned around 6.45pm. Trevor's knowledge was amazing and he is clearly passionate about the area. He was very accommodating of my constant taking of photos particularly of the plants and amazing flowers. We were never rushed or hassled by crowds which is another reason to choose this company. They also have permit to go into areas that the large buses can't. Everything was included in the cost of $184 pp except an ice cream and any souvenirs we may have purchased. We experienced beautiful food, scenery, friendship and fun and came back understanding and appreciating these amazing places more. Thank you Trevor. We will be back.

13th December 2013

Fantastic Day

We had a fantastic day tour through the rainforest and Daintree area. Jason was great and most knowledgeable and informative providing great insight into this wonderful area.

10th December 2013

Half Day Rainforest 4WD adventure

With my time in Australia coming to a close and time being of the essence, I booked a half day 4WD drive tour with Discovery Tours for myself and my partner. We were picked up on time and had just 4 other guests in our Toyota Land cruiser, leaving Cairns we set off towards the Rainforest. Our guide Jason was a certified eco- tour guide who was extremely knowledgeable about the ecology and conservation of the tropics of Queensland. He answered every question I had and more about animals, plants, insects and taught me a lot about the forest and its species. We stopped for a tour at a coffee plantation - the only part of the tour I was not keen on because I wanted more time in the forest. And after a coffee, and a rainstorm we set back off into the rainforest into areas closed to tourists for some real adventure. The rain had made the roads wet so the drive became quite fun, we stopped to look at termite mounds, bird nests and hundreds of years old fig trees. This is the only tour that can take you into these areas closed to tourists to see the real rainforest. We forgo stopping at Kuranda village for trinkets, and our tour operator said they would soon add the Barron Gorge onto the tour instead of the coffee plantation. The group size and personalized service we received made this tour special. We were able to learn a lot and even see some animals.

4th December 2013

Great Rainforest Experience

We had a great day out to the Daintree Rainforest with Discovery Tours Australia. Our tour guide Jason arrived early to our hotel and we found him really friendly and easy to get on with. We were staying in Cairns and our first and only pickup was in Port Douglas. On the way there he was kind enough to take a diversion to show us Palm Cove and also stopped at a couple of viewpoints so we could take some photographs.

The tour really was a small group with just 4 of us! This made it really easy to see more and make the most of the time we had. It did rain for a while whilst we were in the rainforest but it added to the experience and Jason even provided umbrellas if we wanted them.

Jason was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions and pointed out lots of interesting things along the way. The rainforest itself was beautiful and we would recommend this trip to anyone.


29th November 2013

Rolls Royce Treatment

Trevor picked up us punctually at 7.30 from our hotel. From the moment we shook hands on introducing ourselves I felt hopeful that the tour would go as we hoped. We were certainly not disappointed.
My twelve year old daughter and I were the only clients that day. Not fond of exhausting days in a bus with many other tourists we sought a less travelled path with a smaller group. This half day tour that led us into the secluded rainforest above Cairns allows ony 12 individuals per day. Trevor was the perfect guide who treated us very personably and allowed us some freedom to take time where we chose to. His knowledge of the rainforest was extensive and communicated with sensitivity and genuine interest. I liked his candid and friendly manner and we felt very relaxed in his company.
It was a highlight of our trip to Cairns and can only imagine that if Trevor was ever impolite on other tours some responsibility should perhaps be accepted by his guests and the schedue he was obliged to keep.
I'd recommend this tour to anyone who who wants a half day experience of amazing rainforest. We left early morning, had a really good coffee and scones mid morning, arrived at the very touristy Kuranda and headed down by train. All in all, a great tour!!!

21 November 2013

A full Informative day

A full day tour, with our lovely guide Trevor, we were picked from our accomadation, in a land cruiser, our party consisted of 3 others, making it fairly private. Mossmam gorge, was our first stop, stunning, we then went onto the river cruise, lunch in the rainforest , which was ready as we arrived, the food was excellent, we then crossed the river into the forest, where we had a guided walk, bumping into a couple of cassawary birds, (large birds), then on to cape tribulation, plenty of photo opportunities, even though it rained, on the later half of the trip, it didn't disappoint.

20 November 2013

Fantastic Daintree Day Tour

What a wonderful day.
Trevor our driver turned up exactly on time. Unfortunately they are having an issue with their Mercedes Coach, but the Hyundai was quite comfortable and had good aircon. Trevor apologised and we got on with the trip. Six people were on this trip, and we all got on well.
Trevor had a wealth of information, and patiently listened to all our questions and answered them fully. Our first stop was at the Mossman Gorge. At this stop Trevor offered cool bottles of water which was appreciated in the very humid weather. We all then transferred to an airconditioned shuttle bus which took us to the start of the walkway. From this point Trevor displayed his extensive knowledge of the flora, and pointed out some of the birdlife that came to view. Next we travelled to the Croc cruise. Prior to boarding our boat we had a brief stop for a morning tea of tea/coffee and a lamington ( a nice touch for our overseas visitors) and a cookie. and Trevor did warn us that this was not the good part of the season to see crocs but our crocodile pilot found 3 of them for us!
Next stop was our lunch at out of the way restaurant. We had a choice of either Kangaroo our Barramundi. It wasa interesting that the women in the tour chose the Barra and the men the kangaroo. Both meals were exquisitely cooked and presented. The owner had a presentation of the fruits that were on our plates. A very passionate owner on the local produce that he uses.
From there we took the vehicle ferry up to Alexandra lookout, showing the mouth of the Daintree river. Next was our walk through the Daintree forest on a boardwalk. Prior to starting our walk Trevor indicated that Cassowaries are known to inhabit the area and we would be unlikely to see one. Within about 15 minutes saw Cassowary with a chick. Again an extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna was demonstrated. We then headed towards Cape Tribulation stopping off at the Daintree IceCream shop. Perfect for a toilet break and a refreshment. Trevor then offered us to go to Thornton Beach which offered us a view of Cape Trib. and a nice long break on the beach which we all appreciated.
Coming bach i spied another Cassowary this time with 2 chicks, and Trevor stopped for us to take some photos while the Cassowary crossed the road!
This trip was the highlight of our stay in Cairns. Trevor demonstrated his total professionalism with his driving. He also brought all his passengers together with his humour and able to get them to all talk about heir topurs that they ahve done and their work life..
If taking a bus / coach trip would definetly include discovery Tours as my first option

20 November 2013

Yesterday my wife and I went on one of your tours to Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge and the Daintree Rainforest.

Our guide was Jason.
I just wanted to write to let you know the we had a fantastic day! Absolutely sensational.
Jason was the uItimate professional guide with a good dose of 'good bloke' thrown in. His knowledge was very impressive as was his enthusiasm for what he does.
He was able to convey so much information in a manner that made sense as well as make everyone feel really welcome.
Through conversations with him I understand that he is new to your organisation. You have done extremely well in employing someone with so much knowledge and enthusiasm for the environment with a sense of realism and humour.
I would have liked to have had a beer with him at the end of the day!
Great day, great trip, so much learned!


Rod Hughan

17 November 2013

Exclusive Half Day Rain Forest Adventure

We chose this trip as we were advised that the trip for a full day trip tended to be over commercialised with gift shops and coffee shops. The travel agent was unsure of the content of this tour, therefore, could offer no advice. How ever, we decided to take the risk.
We were collected at 1pm on the dot by Trevor. He explained that a second couple who were due to join us had postponed their trip to the following day. He then said that we could choose to vary the trip to suit ourselves and he advised that the return time of 6 pm could be extended depending on what we wanted to see. We set off in a Toyota 4 wheel drive vehicle with a short tour of Cairns as Trevor asked what we had seen of the town. After showing us around various streets and giving us an idea of the local properties, we proceeded to the Rain Forest. Trevor's knowledge of the vegetation and history was extensive and we were treated to some wonderful views and informed history of the evolution of the forest and comparative differences with other Rain Forests in the world. The time and care he took to drive stop and explain things to us was exemplary throughout the tour. The tour finished at a coffee plantation officially, however, we were then given the option of going to Kuranda to see the waterfalls and the station. The village was deserted and the station's flora was something to behold. We finally returned to our hotel at 19.15 have had the best day imaginable thanks to our host Trevor.

13 November 2013

Hi Discovery Tours,

Just dropping a quick note to say thank you to our superstar guide Trevor for making the trip out to Daintree such a memorable one! He has such a great sense of humour with lots of stories to share, and took the time to try and get to know each of us a little better.

I've met many tour guides and I can genuinely say he's one of the best guides I've toured with.

I hope to be back in Cairns in the future to check out some more of the area. Until then!


14 November 2013

One Day in Cairns

I had booked this tour (Mossman Gorge, Daintree and Cape Tribulation) based on excellent results of Tripadvisor. Darryl and his lovely airconditioned van pulled up exactly on time. We collected another 4 travellers and off we went.
Darryl is a real character with extensive knowledge of everything local. My only complaint was that perhaps this tour could have been spaced out a bit more, but Darryl threw in an extra drive through stop at Port Douglas on the way back. Thanks Darryl for a fun and entertaining day.

14 November 2013 

This tour was quite enjoyable, informative and would highly recommend it

We did the Mossman gorge, Daintree and Cape Tribulation tour.
We were picked up right on time by a guy named Darryl. He is very friendly and very knowledgable. Throughout the drive he was very informative, from the plants, animals to the reef to the indigenous. He knew it all. The day was spectacular. I would highly recommend anyone on a trip with him

30 October 2013

Great Day Out

Great tour of the daintree, Mossman gorge and cape tribulation. Tour guide was fantastic. Darryl was a wealth of knowledge and entertaining. Would highly reccomend.

23 August  2013

Daintree, cape tribulation & Mossman Gorge

We had a wonderful day with our informative, friendly and fun guide Jules. The tour went like clockwork, was never dull and was exceptional value. We look forward to doing a 3 day tour as soon as we can. Keep up the great work!! Derek and Maree, Gosford NSW

15 August 2013

A Thankyou to Doris

Our family of 5 just recently too the tour to Daintree on 11 August 2013 with Doris - a very lovely lady who knew so much about Daintree and the key thing is she is looking after us all through the journey.  Because we have a 4 year old kid and my parents are both over 60, she keep helping adjust our tours to suit every one and made everyone a very happy customer.  We didn't miss any attraction points at all and yet we come back around 18.50 which i assume she must have done extra hours to fulfill our needs.  We really appreciate that, thankyou

From Mandy

11th July 2013

" A great introduction to the Daintree Rainforest"

We chose this tour based on the reviews and the smaller size of the tour - with a maximum of 9 people we were guaranteed a personal experience. We were even luckier with only 4 of us plus the tour guide, Trevor, on the tour. We had a lovely day with very few crowds encountered, seemless organisation and a tour guide that made us all very excited about what we were seeing and experiencing. The knowledge around the Daintree Rainforest and the plants, history and its importance were exactly what I was hoping for. I would highly recommend this tour.

19th June 2013

"Wonderful Day!"

Julian made the tour very relaxed and just full of loads of information! had simply a blast thanks to his knowledge and the lovely environment /scenery .Had a lovely day highly recommended!!! 

June 2013

"Daintree Rainforest and much more!"

We booked a Full Day Tour that included the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation and the Mossman River. It was a great day and our guide and driver, Trevor, was fantastic. He has amazing knowledge of the areas visited plus was a considerate host and driver. We had a very comfortable car that we shared with another couple --so no crowds. The additional highlight of the day was lunch at Daintree Tea House. This quaint little cafe provided an amazing gourmet lunch prepared by its welcoming hosts. We had a little talk after the meal about the beautiful, tasty tropical fruits that were served--as an added bonus! My Barramundi was "to die for"! The beauty of this area is something special and we would highly recommend this tour to everyone!

31st May 2013

"Wonderful Day with Julian"

A lovely, intimate and informative day travelling to the Daintree Rainforest, Point Tribulation and surrounds on Friday 31 May. Julian provided a regular treasure trove of information on the flora, fauna, history and his own experiences of the area. A fantastic holiday memory, highly recommended!!

 25th May 2013

"The Most Exciting Day Ever For Our Kids"

Thankyou to Trevor the most entertaining, thoughtful and interesting tour guide you could hope for. To be able to keep people interested and enthralled by their surroundings for many hours and aged between 8 and 60 odd, this magnificent tour guide has the knack! Crocodiles, cassowaries and a forest of such awe and magnitude that if you possibly have a chance of undertaking this tour you really should. It is a huge day but there is plentiful stops and so very much to see and being in a small group makes such a difference to your enjoyment of this magnificent country. We loved this trip so much we intend to come back and bring our four older children to do the same tour!!

29th April 2013

"Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour"

We recently joined Trevor on a Discovery Tours day trip to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree. Trevor was a great guide pointing out interesting facts about the places we were seeing. The small group tour allowed a more personal touch with stories equally being shared amongst the group. We did experience some delays during our trip due to ongoing bridge works in the Daintree but the delays worked in our favour with an awesome lunch that we were able to enjoy after the normal lunch crowd had left our quaint restaurant and then arriving at Mossman Gorge after the crowds had left - it was perfect. Thank you Trevor for a great day and a positive attitude that just goes with the flow.